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Incredible India 2013

India’s kaleidoscope of landscape ranges from the mighty Himalayan Mountains in the North, beautiful golden beaches in the South and sunny desert in the West. That’s not just it – India has the most diverse culture, rich heritage, royal palaces and memorials like Taj Mahal, majestic historical sites, royal retreats, spiritual destinations, golden beaches, adventure sports, cool retreats and deserts. Interesting how a director can bring out most of the aforementioned concepts and places in a 5 minute commercial.

Incredible India – India’s official tourism department has released “Incredible India 2013” campaign. Incredible India 2013 commercial is shot in places like Ladakh, Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kerala, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam, Varanasi and Thar Desert in Gujarat.

The commercial shows the innocence and hospitality of Indians, on the other hand reveals the local customs too. It’s funny how the woman blocks her seat before boarding the bus – it’s so original!

Watch the Incredible India 2013 Commercial:

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