Travel Planner for India – Finally!

Travel Planner India

What is the best mode of transportation from one city to another in India? Should you take a Train or car to go to that remote city where your close friend is getting married? How much would it cost to go via flight and then take a train? RoutePlanner, a new travel planner tool from group is here to ...

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Flower Market in Madurai, South India

Madurai Malli

Madurai, the temple town, located in the southern part of Tamil Nadu is one of the most sacred places in India.  The flower market in Madurai is one of the often ignored places by tourists in Madurai. I was amazed by the number of flower varieties available in this flower market. Get there early in the morning, otherwise you are ...

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Incredible India 2013

Charminar Hyderabad

India’s kaleidoscope of landscape ranges from the mighty Himalayan Mountains in the North, beautiful golden beaches in the South and sunny desert in the West. That’s not just it – India has the most diverse culture, rich heritage, royal palaces and memorials like Taj Mahal, majestic historical sites, royal retreats, spiritual destinations, golden beaches, adventure sports, cool retreats and deserts. ...

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