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Xamarin VS ionic- Which is better for mobile app development?

Xamarin VS ionic- which is better for mobile app development?

Are you decided to work for cross-platform apps and are now worried about choosing between Xamarin or Ionic? Learn Xamarin Training in Chennai at FITA Academy and learn more advanced technology in Xamarin. Here in this blog, we described Xamarin VS ionic- which is better for mobile app development?

What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is an open-source program for creating functional and performant demands for Android, iOS, and Windows Dot NET. Xamarin is an absorption layer that controls the expression of a distributed system with underlying platform code. Xamarin operates in a controlled atmosphere that presents benefits such as concept allocation and waste collection.

What is Ionic?

Ionic makes it simple to develop high-performance mobile and Progressive Web Apps, it looks and responds excellently on any platform or device.  


Performance is important while developing an app. It defines the usability of the app. 

Xamarin is known to produce approximately native apps like performance. It is one of the various sought cross-platform apps today.  

Ionic handles pre-existing plugins to promote up the production, and the framework has interactive periods smaller than 1.8 seconds. Even if Ionic is a non-native program, it exceeds in execution.

User Experience

User activity is an individual of the various important characteristics of a request because it permits users to join the app and develop content.

Xamarin: Seamless user activity is somewhat a developer purpose while operating on the application. Xamarin promotes taking support of the regular interface components by implementing element books to reuse a key. To know more about Xamarin, learn Xamarin Online Course from your home desk.

Ionic: Ionic provides a natural app-like event as it describes any current version’s method to the app market. Additionally, a user prepares not to require to download an app apk from time to time for the newest updates.

Language Stack 

Xamarin: Xamarin practices C# with .Net structure to produce mobile apps for any programs, i.e., Android, iOS, and Windows. Hence one can distribute 90% of the system crossed the stages.

Ionic: Ionic utilizes JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to improve the app and promotes developers to instantly copy the language.

Application Size

Xamarin: Xamarin combines 5 megabytes for statements and 20 megabytes for debug builds, starting to capacity increment.

The application’s capacity may be higher than the original app program, but not in each circumstance. It depends on the variety of app, the developer is running on. 

Ionic: Producing an app applying javascript, HTML, and CSS needs writing parts of the system with different plugins and provinces, beginning to a higher one than the original app. Since Ionic version 4 developed into impact, the problem is essentially fixed. Join and learn Ionic Training in Chennai at FITA Academy with the help of experts. 


Now you have a clear idea about both platforms. 

Prefer Xamarin if:

  • You have a strong knowledge of C# and .net framework.
  • You are not very bothered about request size.
  • You require to obtain the greatest entrance to primary APIs like Bluetooth, SDKs in your request.

Prefer Ionic if:

  • You are simple with web-based technology.
  • You require to undergo a unique design and are running to launch a fresh startup.
  • The terms of your relationship are manageable means it doesn’t require customizations deeply.

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