Best beautiful and coolest places to see in the world


Best beautiful and coolest places to see in the world


Top 5 Coolest places in the World

Our world has fully tremendous atmosphere and climate, which is not easy for human surroundings. There are so many beautiful and tremendous places in our world. In our world both coolest and hottest places are available. In this article we are going to speak about very coolest places of the earth. offers best holiday packages in India, Domestic and international tour packages in India.

Roger Pass – Montana, USA

Roger Pass located 5610 feet on top from the level of sea and it is suited on the continental partition of the U.S state of Montana. Roger Pass is the setting of the coolest high temperature forever recorded in exterior of Alsaka. In the date of January 20, 1954, it has very low temperature of -70F. This is one of the world records.

Fort Selkirk – Yukon, Canada

Fort Selkirk is one of the former trading posts on the Yukon River at the union of the pelly River in Yukon, Canada. In the period of 1950 this place was in condition of desert for the reason of highest coldest condition. But now it is populated more and people can able to reach this place. To reach this place not possible by road. Only you can reach by boat or flight. The coolest time of this place is January. And the lowest temperature is -74F.

Prospect Creek – Alaska, USA

Prospect creek is a small settlement around 180 miles direction north of Fairbanks and suited 25 miles southeast of Bettles, Alaska. Prospect Creek has weather like a sub-arctic. Here the summer season is very less and winter season has very long time. The record low temperature of this place is -80F.

Snag – Yukon, Canada

Snag is a small village. It is suited side road of the Alaska Highway from 25 km south of Beaver Creek, Yukon, Canada. Here the weather condition is very chill and very freezing one. The coolest season of this place is at the time on January. The record lowest temperature is -81.4F.

Eismitte Greenland

The meaning of Eismitte means Ice-Center in German. This land is located deep inner side of the Arctic side of Greenland. Here the land is full of covered with ice only. The lowest of temperature of this place is -85F. offering interesting domestic and international tour packages from Chennai. And provide services for Bus ticket Booking online, hotel booking online, and Book Cheap flight tickets services.

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