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Best Node JS Frameworks


Node.JS is an open source which is server side platform for developing the networking and server side applications. Node.JS application has completely in JavaScript & also offering rich library for different modules in JavaScript. Node JS Training in Chennai offers the well trained MNC professionals as trainers. It reduces the difficulties of developing a web application using the Node.JS. At present, the Node JS professionals are having a lot of job opportunities.

Best Frameworks of Node Js are

1. Hapi.js

For building the powerful application program interfaces and software applications, this framework is used in Node.js. The robust plug in system and numerous key features including the input validation, configuration-based functionality, implement caching, error handling and more. Node JS training at FITA is the best place to learn these frameworks.  It is also useful for designing applications such as Post mile, a collaborative list making tool. It is used for providing several websites such as Wal-Mart and Disney etc.

2. Express.js

It is a minimalist framework for building the host of web and mobile applications as well as programming interfaces (APIs). It is the most essential web frameworks for Node.js. This framework is powered by the many websites like MySpace, Segment.io and Yummly. This offers the various features like template engines and multiple routing.

3. Socket.io

This framework is JavaScript library and allows event-driven, bidirectional communication between web clients and server. This is the client-side library running in the browser and a server side library for node.js. This helps the real time concurrency for document collaboration and data exchange. It has key features also includes the asynchronous input/output (I/O), binary streaming and instant messaging. This framework is used for building the real time website.

4. Meteor

This framework is an open source, model-view controller framework for building websites and mobile/web applications. It supports the OS X, Windows and Linux. This is in-built set of pre-written, self-contained modules makes writing application codes. It is used to write both client and server parts of an application. It allows the programming model to create applications using lesser JavaScript code. The popular web applications built using this framework are Respondly and Blonk and more.

5. Derby

This is a model-view controller JavaScript framework for client-side and server-side.  It is ideal for creating the real time mobile and web applications. Node JS Training institute in Chennai at FITA is the best training institute. Many of the students have given us reviews about our training. A real-time data synchronization engine for Node.js allows the real-time concurrency and data synchronization across clients and servers. It allows the real time editing with an application. The features of Derby which allows faster page loads, search engine support and HTML templates to render in the browser or on the server.

6. Mean.js

Without using the SQL database, Mongo DB as well as Angular.js for the front-end and Express.js for the backend server. It is a full-fledged JavaScript framework to build web applications. Mean.js and Mean.io are both considered a part of Mean stack. Mongo DB, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.js. Zip loop is the example of popular mobile application used for shopping which is designed using Mean Stack.