Best October Destinations to Visit This Year in India

Saying goodbye to the sweltering heat and summertime vibes is appropriate around October. A light chill winds through the trees, turning them to gold and scarlet. The best places to visit in October in india. It is a great month to travel to India. The site is lush and green thanks to the monsoon rains, and the weather is ideal for touring. These are a few of the top destinations in India for October, ranging from historical sites to spiritual retreats. In this blog, you are here to see the best October destination in India.

Best October Destination in India

Kodaikanal – The Princess of Hill Stations

Cool, invigorating weather in October makes Kodaikanal an ideal place to explore its natural beauties. The terrain gains a mysterious beauty from the hazy atmosphere. As the monsoon season comes to aconclusion, Kodaikanal provides colorful scenery and a variety of outdoor pursuits with temperatures ranging from roughly 16.8°C to 24.5°C. The majority of people wear airy attire, such as sleeveless shirts, rain boots, and a raincoat.


Kodaikanal Lake: Take pleasure in riding or boating on this lake.

Coaker’s Walk: A lovely promenade offering breathtaking valley vistas.

Admire the stunning natural rock formations at Pillar Rocks.

Human Touch: Picture yourself strolling along Coaker’s Walk as the valleys below you and the mist flowing in. The stunning views and cold, invigorating air of Kodaikanal make it the ideal getaway location. 

Rishikesh – The Yoga Capital of the World

Imagine this Rishikesh in October. The crisp mountain air invigorates you as you embark on a yoga or meditation session. Later, you conquer the calm Ganges River on a thrilling white-water rafting adventure. Lush green hills frame the vibrant city, where ancient temples and cultural wonders await exploration. October’s comfortable temperatures, ranging from 17°C to 33°C, and long sunny days (almost 11 hours!) make it the perfect time to discover everything Rishikesh has to offer.


Yoga and Meditation: There are a lot of yoga centres and ashrams in Rishikesh.

Adventure Sports: Trekking, bungee jumping, and river rafting are worth trying.

Triveni Ghat: Take in the captivating Ganga Aarti at dusk.

Human Touch: Picture beginning your day with a serene yoga practice by the Ganges River, then going on an exciting river rafting excursion. Deeply revitalizing effects can be obtained from Rishikesh’s calm and spiritual ambiance.

Goa – The Beach Paradise

October is the start of the tourism season in Goa. The weather is ideal, the beaches are immaculate, and the celebratory mood starts to develop. Goa is the best place to go in October. Travel and Leisure with Buddies to see the state’s many attractions because the temperature is 33C during the day and 24C at night. Standouts:

  • Enjoy water sports and colourful beach shacks on Baga and Calangute beaches.
  • Discover the rich Portuguese heritage of Old Goa by visiting its stunning churches.

Dudhsagar Falls: Take in the magnificent waterfall in all of its splendour.

Human Touch: Picture yourself relaxing on a beach that receives plenty of sunlight, enjoying a cool coconut, and watching the sunset over the Arabian Sea. Goa’s carefree and vibrant atmosphere may be the ideal way to decompress from a stressful day.

Jodhpur – The Blue City

Jodhpur’s lovely October weather makes it the ideal month to explore the city’s forts, palaces, and lively markets. The blue structures in the city give the scenery a distinct appeal. October in Jodhpur heralds the wonderful autumnal weather, with clear skies and temperate temperatures. October temperatures in Jodhpur range from about 21.2C to 34.9C, providing the perfect weather for tourists to see the city’s attractions. 


Discover one of India’s largest forts, Mehrangarh Fort.

Umaid Bhawan Palace: Take in the beautiful architecture and visit the museum.

Jaswant Thada: An exquisite marble memorial with breathtaking vistas.

Human Touch: Picture yourself strolling through Jodhpur’s winding streets, which are painted blue, while the massive Mehrangarh Fort looms in the distance. A fascinating experience can be had exploring Jodhpur’s colourful culture and rich history.

Wayanad – A Nature Lover’s Paradise

After the monsoon, Wayanad is lush and green in October, with nice weather ideal for discovering its natural beauty and fauna. October is when it starts and lasts until February. During the season, the hill station’s lowest temperature is approximately 10°C, while its highest is 24°C. The daytime highs and nighttime lows are both foggy and windy.


Explore the breathtaking vistas and historic rock carvings at Edakkal Caves.

Banasura Sagar Dam: Savor the beautiful surroundings and boating.

Visit the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary to see tigers, elephants, and other species.

Human Touch: Picture yourself hiking through Wayanad’s verdant forests while taking in the sights, sounds, and scents of the natural world. Wayanad’s serene surroundings and natural beauty may be incredibly restorative.

Bodh Gaya – The Land of Enlightenment

Bodh Gaya has a pleasant climate in October, which makes it the perfect month to learn about the town’s spiritual and historical significance. There is less traffic in the town, making for a tranquil atmosphere. In October, Bodh Gaya experiences regular daytime temperatures ranging from 30°C to 20°C. It is, as some would say, extremely warm and sticky.


Visit the Mahabodhi Temple, the location of Buddha’s enlightenment.

Bodhi Tree: Meditate while sitting beneath this revered tree.

Great Buddha Statue: Be in awe of this magnificent Buddha statue.

Human Touch: Picture yourself quietly meditating beneath the Bodhi tree, the same spot where Buddha once did so. Deeply transformational experiences can be had from Bodh Gaya’s spiritual energy and Peacefulness.

Mysore – October’s paradise

Known as the “City of Palaces,” Mysore comes alive with colour during Dasara in October. This ten-day celebration, which comes to an end on Vijayadashami, highlights the magnificence and rich cultural legacy of the city. Every evening, the Mysore Palace comes alive with more than 100,000 lights, creating an incredibly beautiful focal point. Jumbo Savari, a magnificent procession with decked elephants, horses, and cultural tableaus, is the main attraction. The lead elephant carries the idol of Goddess Chamundeshwari.


Mysore Palace: See the palace come to life with thousands of lights, evoking the atmosphere of a fairy tale.

  • Experience the magnificent parade of Jamboo Savari, which includes dance performances, traditional music, and elephants in captivity.

Chamundi Hill: Take a tour of the Chamundeshwari Temple and bask in the expansive cityscape from the summit.

  • Marvel at the lyrical fountain display at the exquisitely designed Brindavan Gardens.

Human Touch: Envision meandering through lit streets while traditional music fills the air. The lively ambience and many cultural offerings of 

From the peaceful highlands of Kodaikanal to the spiritual haven of Rishikesh, the colourful beaches of Goa, the ancient beauty of Jodhpur, the natural wonders of Wayanad, and the profound stillness of Bodh Gaya, October in India offers a tapestry of varied experiences. With the addition of good weather and beautiful landscapes following the monsoon, each place provides its own blend of culture, nature, and adventure. October offers the perfect chance to fully immerse yourself in the diverse fabric of India’s best places to travel, whether your goals are spiritual enlightenment, cultural discovery, or just relaxing in the beauty of nature. Savour the season, travel with curiosity, and treasure the experiences made in these vacation places. For more interesting blogs, follow indiaunimagined

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