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Easy Tips on How to Prepare for IAS Current Affairs

Current affairs are an important component in the UPSC examinations. A lot of questions are being asked from this section at every stage of the exam. It is dynamic and undefined that confuses on how to deal with it. Current affairs require a smart strategy to prepare. One has to go through the UPSC previous years question papers to have a basic knowledge and understanding of the questions asked from current affairs. Candidates have to put in consistent efforts to achieve success. Let us see a few tips on how to prepare for IAS current affairs. 

Focus on issues and not the news part alone:

Candidates have to look for something more than focusing on the News headlines alone. In UPSC, there is a tendency to ask about the issues in detail. This is an essential criterion to focus on when preparing for current affairs. Thus students ought to understand the issues and make a note of them. News is a general incident but issues are the main ideas behind it. Various pdf files are available on the internet and students has to search like current affairs for UPSC pdf where they can find answers to their search query. One can focus on specific points discussed below.

  • Reason for the News – Why is it important?
  • Background knowledge – Mainly reports, facts and data
  • Current status – What actions are being taken?
  • Note down the positives and negatives – pros and cons
  • Opinion on the News
  • Suggestion – What to do regarding the issue?

All these specific points help you to prepare better for current affairs. 

Taking Notes:

One has to make practice taking notes that will help them during the time of revision before the exams. It is a vital part when one is focused on preparing for current affairs. Writing of notes comes under two categories. One is date wise notes and the other is topic wise notes. 

  1. Date wise notes help in sorting the information for the exam. 
  2. On the other hand topic, wise notes are the best action one can take because all the necessary topics can be saved in one place. And it is easy to refer to in the future. 
  3. One more tip to follow is that while making notes ensure that the notes are short and up to the point. The student should cover the important aspects of the topic with a suitable solution to it which would justice the answers. 

One can also use flow charts, pointers for making notes on the current affairs for UPSC. This helps in easy understanding of the concepts and for remembering them well. Hence it is good to write notes on the topic wise to get better results.