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8 Reasons Why Oracle Cloud ERP is Beneficial to Businesses

Suppose you are still determining whether Cloud apps are suitable for your company. In such a situation, you will be relieved to learn why: the cloud is incredibly adaptable, and navigating all the alternatives and possibilities can be challenging. There is no need to be concerned; finding solutions to your queries concerning Oracle Cloud ERP or Oracle Cloud applications is simple. This blog will examine 8 Reasons Why Oracle Cloud ERP is Beneficial to Businesses. Join FITA Academy‘s Oracle Training Institute in Chennai to learn more about Oracle. It offers advanced certification training and 100% job placement assistance. 

Ease of Deployment

Oracle ERP Cloud can be implemented more quickly than traditional on-premise systems because it can be installed and updated over the Internet. On-premise programmes, on the other hand, must be deployed on real servers and each machine. As an outcome, upgrades and security patches are completed more quickly and with less downtime. You are responsible for the software, data, servers, and other hardware in on-premise applications.

Oracle ERP Cloud offers lower TCO

One of the essential reasons for moving any process or application to the cloud is to save money. Cloud apps are frequently more cost-effective than on-premise alternatives. According to Nucleus Research, the cost of business (hardware, software, training, etc.) for on-premise ERP was around 2.5 times higher than for Oracle ERP Cloud over three years. If decreasing expenses is one of your primary motivators, Oracle Cloud ERP is the way to go. 

Ease of Data Access

Many companies need help to provide real-time data access to distant personnel. Employees across the organisation may access real-time data from anytime, anywhere, and on any device using Oracle ERP Cloud solutions. It improves business efficiency and reduces reliance on IT employees by providing advanced functionality to your business users. 

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It is a Complete Solution

Enterprise Resource Planning is a broad topic that encompasses a wide range of back-office procedures critical to your business. As a result, Oracle ERP Cloud has been designed to supply all functions as and when required by your organisation. The goal is to improve, streamline, and maximise each one. You will have accessibility to the following tools within Oracle ERP Cloud:

  • Financials
  • Risk Management
  • Order Management
  • Inventory

Data Security & Governance

Oracle ERP Cloud holds mission-critical data in Oracle’s private data centres, which have cutting-edge security features that most businesses cannot afford. They also adhere to several forms of local and international compliance and laws. As a result, your mission-critical data is safer in the cloud than on-premises. 

Enhanced Scalability

Storage becomes increasingly essential as your company grows. Oracle ERP Cloud apps simplify increasing or decreasing capacity up or down as needed based on demand, usage, or user requirements and only paying for what is used. With minimal hardware or infrastructure expenditure, you may quickly scale your business or expand it elsewhere. 

Auto Updates

Because Oracle handles the Oracle ERP Cloud infrastructure directly, updates are immediately installed. It ensures that the systems are always up-to-date and completely secure. Furthermore, you will be operating the most recent version with the most recent capabilities, and your IT team will save time and effort installing future software upgrades. 

Better Customer Experience

Oracle ERP Cloud users appreciate the platform’s simplicity, particularly those with less technical experience. Aside from an easy-to-use design, the dashboard displays pending tasks with deadlines. Oracle has established a consistent client experience with the assistance of professional customer success managers.


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