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Essential 7Ps of Digital Marketing Mix

Marketing specialists can use any kind of marketing which uses electronic devices to provide promotional messaging and track its impact throughout the consumer journey. Digital marketing refers to marketing campaigns that display on a computer and other electronic devices. If you want to learn more detailed information about the Essential 7Ps of Digital Marketing Mix, Join the Digital Marketing Course in Chennai at FITA Academy and build a strong foundation in Digital Marketing.

7Ps of Digital Marketing Mix:


In an online marketing mix, the product must be 100% online, which means it must have no physical features. For example, selling traditional products on an internet site will not suffice. We must consider the online product to be scalable, with operations that all center around being online, such as:

  • Product development and management
  • The product’s pricing


The price which a buyer is willing to pay for your product. Pricing appears straightforward, yet it can be complex for many organizations. If a product is excessively priced, your clients will likely look elsewhere. If it is priced higher, it will reduce your profit margins.


The location is where the consumer can get your goods or service. This has always included newspapers and retail establishments. You may believe that because you are not selling your products in a physical store, you do not need to worry about “places” in digital marketing. That is not correct. In terms of online business, the location is its beast. There are numerous ways via which you can sell your products, including:

Social media –  platforms can be used to sell directly or divert traffic to another channel.

E-commerce website – Your website with ecommerce capabilities.

Platforms for e-commerce – Shopee, Lazada, and eBay are examples of online marketplaces.


In the digital marketing mix, promotion comprises advertising, promotional methods such as discounts, and communications with your target audience. Numerous efficient advertising strategies are available through digital marketing, but the optimal approaches for each organization vary. Buying display ads on multiple websites, pay-per-click advertising, and building social media.

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The term “people” in digital marketing does not only refer to the target audience or customers. It includes you as well as your employees. You’ll want to ensure that everyone in your organization works together to create the finest possible client experience.


Process refers to the actions required to provide your clients with the primary experience of your product. Every step between your product and the consumer is part of your process. It is critical to constantly track, evaluate, and improve your processes to achieve your business goals.

Physical Evidence:

Physical proof in traditional marketing refers to everything your clients perceive while interacting with your business. Physical evidence in the marketing mix includes a physical business’s layout or interior design and employee attire.


In this blog, you would have gathered detailed information about digital marketing and its 7’Ps. If you want to know more information, Join Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore, where you will gain course certification with excellent placement training.