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Flipcard about GRE Test Preparation

Graduate Record Exam or GRE is meant to measure your overall academic performance and is the standard test for admission to business as well as non-business schools.Some Graduate Colleges accepts GRE Subject Test rather than GRE General Test. Hence, One should check with their Aspired Universities and work based on it.

So? Aspirants, Prepared for GRE? Here are some Basic Information and Flip cards about related to GRE and Syllabus for GRE.

1)Does GREedge teach the difficult topics or does it give only test practice and tip sessions?

GREedge provides two personal trainers (SFAs) – Verbal and Quant. Once you enroll with GREedge, you have to take a diagnostic test, through which your SFAs will analyze your weak areas and provide a customized study plan that caters to your learning style. Every practice and learn session of yours is thoroughly monitored through ‘millisecond score-booster technology’ to analyze your learning protocol and provide feedback that can boost your overall GRE score. You have the option to go for guidance based programs or live online classes. However with both you get two personal trainers who will be there to guide you, motivate you and be with you throughout your GRE preparation. Right from the essential to the advanced topics, every concept is either thought through learn sessions if you go for guidance based program or live online classes if you go for online classroom based programs. Not only practice tests and tips, GREedge helps you right from the basics so that you improve your GRE score significantly.

2)What is an AWA score??

AWA section is called the Analytical Writing Assessment. This is the first section that you should take after you enter the exam hall. In this section, you should write two essays; one argument essay and one issue essay. The time limit for each essay is 30 minutes and you get a 10 minute break after the completion of two essays. AWA section is scored on a scale of 1-6 with 0.5 increments. Many students tend to make mistakes because they are not able to properly understand Issue and Argument Essays properly. A serious analytical approach is required in argument essay for the claim that is given rather than your own observation which is used for an Issue Essay (where your opinions and views form the core of the essay).
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3)Is the scoring in GRE like this – 40 questions right = 170, 39 questions right = 169, 38=168?

No, each question as well as the section takes up a different weight-age with respect to GRE. GRE will be a section based adaptive exam. This means that the second section will be easier or difficult based on your performance in the first section. For example, in GRE you’ll have two quant sections let us say Q1 and Q2. If you perform well in section Q1, section Q2 will be of higher difficulty and will carry more marks. Similarly, if you perform not so well in the Q1, Q2 will be of lower difficulty level and will carry less mark.

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