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Flower Market in Madurai, South India

Madurai, the temple town, located in the southern part of Tamil Nadu is one of the most sacred places in India.  The flower market in Madurai is one of the often ignored places by tourists in Madurai. I was amazed by the number of flower varieties available in this flower market. Get there early in the morning, otherwise you are going to miss most of the flowers. The flowers in Madurai Flower market are grown in the districts of Madurai, Dindugal, Theni and Virudhunagar.

Roses in Madurai Flower Market

Roses in Madurai Flower Market

Valli a flower retailer explained, “Flowers are primarily used as offering to God and used by women to adorn their hair. Flowers are in high demand during elections in India. With the influence of western culture, roses are in much demand to make bouquets”.

Madurai Jasmine: Jasmine from Madurai, locally called Madurai Malli is as famous as the Italian Pizza or German Cars. Jasmine in Indian culture is used as a gift when meeting new couple. Don’t miss to offer Madurai Malli to your lady love and woo her.

Madurai Malli

International Recognition of Madurai Flower Market: Jasmine and rose play a key role in fragrance manufacturing industry. French perfume creator Christian Dior of famous fashion house Dior visits Madurai Flower Market every year as an inspiration and to imbibe the Madurai fragrances into his creations. He quoted, the fragrance of the Jasmine from Madurai soil is unique to its soil.

Lotus from Madurai Flower Market

How to get there: Flower Market in Madurai is located few meters away from the Maatuthavani Bus stand. All inbound buses to Maatuthavani bus stand from the city goes via Flower Market. If you are not familiar with the city, take a cab. It will not cost more than $5 from your hotel room in the city.

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