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Government Exam Preparation

MmED4IF9CN9PAEmfqjF016Most of the people dream is to get a government job because job security and salary increment are the main reasons for all government employees. They don’t have any restriction behind them and so many allowances like medical leaves, vacations. In private companies, there is no medical leaves are available, if the employees take long leave means that should consider as a loss of pay.

Nowadays, many people are writing government exams to become a government employee, So the competitions are high because two third of people are writing the exams.

TNPSC- TamilNadu Public Service Commission

TamilNadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC) is one of the main exams in TamilNadu region. In that several categories of exams, they are

  • Group 1, Group 2, Group 2A, Group 4 and VAO

In these series of exam Group 1 have a higher priority because it is high grade posting exam and Group 4 Exam is more popular because more than 10lakhs people are applied every year.

  1. Tips for TNPSC Exam Preparation:


  • So many TNPSC Coaching Centres are available in Chennai, TamilNadu. The main thing is you must choose the Best TNPSC Coaching Centres in Chennai to clear the exams.
  • For Group 4 Exam SSLC qualification is eligible, So they ask a number of questions on state board 6th to 10th books like social science and science books.
  • In all Group of exams, the Tamil or English and current affairs is the major part.
  • For VAO – Village Administrative Officer exams have also the same process for preparation, but in this exam, they ask some additional questions about the villages.
  • The General Knowledge (GK) is an important one for all these exams.
  • The TNPSC Coaching Centres in Chennai will provide so many guides for preparation.


  1. Books for Preparation:
  • Quantitative Aptitude – R.S Agarwal
  • Objective Arithmetic – R.S Agarwal
  • India Year Book for GK
  • News Papers for Current affairs

Bank Exams:

                In India Bank exams are centralized because there will be conducted by central government and Reserve bank of India.

They are several numbers of Banks exams are there

  • IBPS – Clerk, IBPS – PO, SBI, RBI and Private banks like ICICI, IDBI, Kotak Mahendra and etc.
  1. Tips for Bank Exam Preparation:
  • So many Bank Exam Coaching Centres in Chennai are providing quality training to clear the bank exams.
  • All types of bank exam will be conducted through online, so we need to improve the speed of our attitude.
  • Quantitative aptitude is an  important one in Bank exams.
    • Mathematics
    • Reasoning
    • Current Affair
    • English
  • For mathematics – BODMAS is the basic method to follow.
  • For Reasoning  – Some small techniques only to follow that are presented in many books.
  • For Current Affair – Read Daily News Paper.
  • For English – Just Read basic grammar.
  1. Books for Preparation:
  • Quantitative Aptitude – R.S Agarwal
  • News Papers for Current affairs
  • Grammar books for English.