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Hadoop –Know why organization uses Hadoop Technology


Hadoop, one of the leading technologies in Big Data which issued by many organizations, Hadoop is an open source by the Apache foundation.It has the major advantage of having the sub components like Map reduce and HDFS ( Hadoop Distributed File system)these two are the core part of Hadoop. Map reduce is more familiar than HDFS framework because Map reduction plays a major part in the data processing than HDFS. It provides reliable, data motion to the application. The programming paradigm Mapreduce is more popular in google. It divides the large files into small portion and distributes to the large number of nodes in the process, and then finally summarize. This is mainly used in Google search engine technology. It is better to get the practical knowledge through the Hadoop training Chennai than knowing only the theory concept.

Know about the Google search engine:

Nowadays, Google plays a major role in day today life, People searching for information in the Google site.The Google search engine is the most used search engine on the World Wide Web. They are handling 3 billion searches every day. Everyone has to know about the process of Google search engines by learning the Hadoop training in Chennai.

Scope of Hadoop:

HDFS is one of the core parts of Hadoop in Big data, it is used for the purpose of fault tolerance constraints in processing the file. Not only the Hadoop, the other components are also used in many aspects in IT industry. It also providing cloud computing services and used in many applications like in Banking, Facebook etc., and Big Data Training in Chennai is the right place to learn the Hadoop technology and it is better place to get the full knowledge of Hadoop

Doesu know the real time application of Hadoop:

  • Analyze the risk in Hospital using Big Data
  • Identify the suspicious activity of an employee by analysing their data
  • Used to prevent hardware failure in the Business
  • Understand what people think about one’s company

Big data places a major role in real time applications, processing of data and its maintenance is the important thing in data processing.


Big data have a sustainable place in any organization, especially in the next generation it is going to be a drastic change in its technology for processing the data using Big Data. Also, its cost effectiveness in Big Data Course in Chennai is reasonable to learn with hands on experience. Map reduce HDFS methods are implemented in many data analysis algorithms. Learning the Big Data technology is going to be very useful in future for data processed purpose in Business to analysis their data.