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Here Are Tips To Maintain Your Kanchipuram Soft Silk Sarees

Kanchipuram soft silk sarees are the most elegant attire that adds extra grace to every woman. These sarees make every woman look like Goddess and add extra grandeur to the atmosphere. However, the most difficult part of the Kanchivaram silk sarees is maintaining them in perfect condition. Many put a lot of effort into finding the one right piece of the Kanchipuram saree. But they fail in maintaining the saree that worsens the silk forever. Often if not stored or maintained properly the cloth bugs will start to eat the silk sarees or some even fade off over time. Hence, here are some tips and hacks to maintain your Kanchipuram sarees significantly.

Folding and storing:

The foremost way in maintaining your saree is by folding and storing them. Some wedding silk sarees below 10000 get spoiled because they are not stored or folded properly. The ideal way of folding your saree is by tucking in the zari to maintain its sheen. By this method, the Kanchipuram sarees stay intact and don’t get tangled with each other. Similarly, it is always advised that Kanchipuram sarees should be stored by wrapping them in a separate muslin or cotton cloth. It is because storing them with other cotton or any saree can make them tangle and spoil the zari works. 

Allow them to breathe:

Another tip to improve the longevity of the Kanjivaram silk saree is to store the saree with some neem leaves. These neem leaves don’t allow the cloth bugs and moths to stay up. In the case of fungal growth, you can even use silica gel for removal. However, it is not advisable to use naphthalene balls or any spray as it can fade off the saree instantly. In the same way, it is essential to change the folding style every three months. So, before folding the saree, air them for some time. Try to do this method every 2-3 months for its increased longevity.


Thirdly, ensure that you wash your Kanchipuram sarees in cold water for the first three washes. You need not use any detergent or soap solution for the first wash. Then gradually you can use a mild shampoo and wash the pallu, border, and body of the saree gently with your hands. But make sure to avoid harsh detergents as they can harm your saree badly.

Hence, whether you buy Kanjeevaram silk sarees online or from the store try to follow the steps mentioned in the post for better maintenance.