How does Acupressure Massage Help In Your Health & Wellbeing?

Better health can give you a better life. The golden thread of our body and soul is our health. When there is an imbalance in health, both the body and our soul get affected. To improve your health naturally, there are many methods, one of them is massages. When we talk about massage, the first thing we think of is its cost. But the truth is we can get massages under our budget. If you come to know about the benefits of massage, I am sure you will also want to get a massage. If you wanna try out a massage get into Le Bliss Spa, the professional Spa in Anna Nagar that offers you all types of massage and spa services. In this blog, you will get to know about how acupressure massage helps in your health and wellbeing.

What is an Acupressure massage?

Massage is a physical treatment for our body that helps us in relieving body pain, removing muscle knots, sleeping disorders, and other physical issues. Acupressure massage is entirely different from other body massages. In acupressure massage, the therapist will press on the pressure points to improve the blood circulation all over the body. The acupressure and acupuncture massages are mostly similar. But the difference is in the acupuncture massage the expert will use a needle instead of a hand press. The techniques involved in this acupressure massage are tapping, hitting, kneading, stroking, compressing, giving pressure, and vibration. These techniques warm up the muscles and make them ready for further massage. This acupressure massage service is offered at many spas. One of them is Le Bliss Spa which is the best Spa in Chennai that turns your massage experience into a blissful one.

What is a trigger point?

A trigger point is a unique point in a muscle that is responsible for the functionality of the specific organ. This is also called “pressure point massage”. Pressuring these trigger points helps in removing the blockages and regulates a good blood flow to the organs. There are almost 100 trigger points on the backside of the body. Most of the trigger points are in the foot region, pressuring them will give you a fit and healthy body. This is the reason why you need to walk more steps. Stepping around 7000 steps a day will actually promote hormone secretion and remove all the debris from your body through sweat. Giving a foot massage before bed gives you an enormous amount of benefits and also promotes good sleep. Also, Massaging the trigger points in the head, promotes good hair growth, less secretion of the stress hormone, and boosts up the mood.

How does Acupressure massage work?

As a first step, the therapist will make you sit or lie down in a bed or a table. Then will ask you to take a deep breath, which will calm you mentally. Continued with an upward and downward massage movement, that makes you feel light. After giving the strokes, hitting, and tapping, the expert will further continue with giving pressure on the trigger points. The therapist will have complete knowledge about the acupressure points in the human body. The expert will give pressure on the pressure points one by one and hold them for almost 5 seconds to feel the pressure. The therapist will repeat the procedure a minimum of three times. Massaging the pressure points will remove the blockage in your energy flow. Whenever there is an unbalance in the energy flow, the functioning of our body parts may be irregular and make us fall sick. When the blockages are cleared or removed, the energy flow will get balanced. This acupressure massage therapy helps us a lot in balancing these energy channels. 

Acupressure points

Large intestine: The pressure points are located at the base of the nose region. Exactly at the place where your nose and cheeks join. 

Runny nose: To treat cold and running nose the pressure point called Yintang helps you a lot. This is also called the third eye point because it is located in between the two eyebrows. 

Small intestine: The points are located below the cheeks and on both sides of your nose. Giving pressure for 3 seconds will improve the functioning of the small intestine.

Gallbladder: For the gallbladder the pressure points are located at the backside of your head. Exactly at the joining point of your head and neck.

Lungs: The acupressure points are at the inner side of each elbow and wrist. Massaging these elbow points can help in better breathing and lung functioning.

Liver: The liver acupressure points are located a little back of the big toes of your foot. It helps in good functionality of the liver, relieves headaches and pain under your eyes. 

Important Benefits of Acupressure massage

Relieves Chronic Headache

We suffer from headaches more often. Headaches are of many forms and they are primary, migraine, cluster, and tension headache. The blockages in the nerve cells or in the blood vessels, imbalance in energy, the pain in the shoulder muscles can lead to a primary headache. These blockages in energy and blood vessels can be treated by acupressure massage. While giving pressure to the trigger points on the head, all the blockages get unblocked and good blood circulation is promoted. This also helps in better hair growth. 

Helps with sinus problem

Sinus is a breathing problem that most people suffer from. When you have a sinus you will be allergic to dust and also you will feel a little bit of difficulty in breathing. If you don’t treat the sinus, it may become severe and leads to a lung problem. Acupressure massage helps in regulating the function of the liver and lessens the effect of the sinus. 

Improved Energy Flow

Imbalance in the energy flow and irregular movements in the chakras will affect the entire human system. So, balancing them plays a major role in our health. When you have good mental health, then you will have good physical health. The chi energy flows all over our body, which is responsible for our mental and physical health. When there is a blockage or irregular flow of this chi energy, the entire human system collapses and we have a chance to fall sick. Acupressure massage helps us in maintaining these energies and also removes the blockages in the energy channels. 

Now you would have known about the acupressure massage and its benefits. If you are planning to get a Massage in Chennai then get into Le Bliss Spa. They render you with the best massage and spa services that you love. Book your appointment today!.

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