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How to improve your communication skill

In this article, I might want to give you a couple tips to beat the challenges you may encounter, by using some simple strategies to enhance your English communication skills. From our childhood till now we cross endless vocabulary, but we won’t use all this vocabulary in daily life. You may all know the sentence framing structure needed to hold any discussion, but you are still waiting to express your thoughts. Following tips will help you to improve your communication skill.

Slow Down your Speaking Speed:

You may be an excellent speaker with regards to your native language, however, expecting similar Standards from yourself when talking in a foreign language may not be an easier task. Particularly, in case you’re at the early stage of Learning English. Learners often use to say won’t worry about making mistakes from our mistake only we can learn new words. Try to change the incidents in the English language what we are seeing in our day to day life.

To overcome this difficulty, you may try to slow down your speaking speed. Deliver your ideas slowly and clearly with more confidence. Likewise, select the words carefully with the proper meaning and present it to your audience. This shows a unique way to your audience that you are giving the best possible answer.

Learn Sentences, Not Only Words 

This method will take some pressure for all of us. When you take in new words, attempt to remember a few sentences that contain it.

There might come a period when you can utilize one specific sentence with close to nothing, or no change by any means. Shockingly, numerous individuals learn words by heart, yet have no clue how to utilize them in a sentence.

For Example:

Beautiful – Looking Good

she spoke in beautiful English

 Learn to Listen

At the point when talking in a foreign language, you may be so focused on what you are saying and whether it’s right or not, that you neglect to listen to what others are saying.

This is a major mistake we have done, as they may utilize the correct words or punctuation you’ll be required later on. So pay consideration on what’s being said around you, when someone is addressing there speaking with a proper English fluency. You are familiar with learning English, but while listening you may hear a new English phrase.

Some of the common approaches to enhance your listening skill are listed below:

·         Listen to audio books

·         Watch English news and movies

·         Attend  Spoken English Classes

·         Speak English with your friends

·         YouTube

I hope this article will help you to improve your communication skill, if you are interested in learning English Language join Englishlabs for Spoken English Classes in Chennai