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Know the Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is the process of increasing the traffic to the website, the results from the SEO is organic result. The other thing is inorganic result, which comes into the Google page from the paid ads. Better the SEO, better in search engine result. However SEO is in Digital Marketing, the other strategies also have equalled important in Digital Marketing. One can gain depth knowledge through SEO Training in Chennai.

How does SEO work?

Google search engine are not humans, it is monitored by the Google robots. The number of activities that help us to bring the search result are of the following:-

  • Crawling
  • Scanning
  • Storing or Indexing
  • Course of action
  • Measuring Pertinence
  • Recovering

The above things are the important activities of a Google robot to rank in the Search results. Crawling, Scanning and Storing are the back end process of Google search engine. Crawling is searching the result in the database by the crawler or spider and if it stores the read details in its database, then it is called as Indexing. After reading it automatically stores the read data, it is called Storing or Indexing. Learn the full details of SEO Course in Chennai.

Comparison between SEO and Digital Marketing:

Moreover, SEO and Digital Marketing is same, there is no much difference. Both are executing the similar functions and skills. The SEO people aim at bringing the site in organic result and the Digital Marketers aims at total online establishment of the company. Sometimes SEO is called Integrated Digital Marketing by some experts. Over the years SEO is changing year by year. The older method of SEO technique will not work nowadays, the handling techniques have been changed. The belief of ranking in the search engine is building a link in the quality site rather than generating more links in all low and high quality sites. Due to this efficient process of Digital Marketing, it is better than the Traditional Marketing. SEO Training in Chennai is the right choice to learn all the concepts and techniques clearly

The Two factors of SEO:

The two main factors of SEO are on page and off page optimization. This helps us to rank our site in the search engine. On page is the analysis of our own page through various techniques like URL features, Keyword research, www and non-www version, proximity of page to root directory, keyword density etc.., and the off page optimization is  getting reference back links through the other quality sites. All these things will be explained clearly by the SEO Training.


Today all the entrepreneurs are showing their interest in Digital Marketing to enhance their business in digitalised level. In future, undoubtedly Digital Marketing is going to rule the whole world. Learn the leading technique Digital Marketing.