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Top 10 Places to Visit in Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India epitomizes both the past glory and the modern developments of the nation.  And a visitor to this place is left with no other option, but to be enchanted by the magic of bygone years and thrilled by the aspirations of the modern India.  The area abounds in great locations where the tourists can have an exciting time.  The following are the top 10 places to visit in Delhi which are the all-time favorites of tourists from far and wide.

1)      The Red Fort:

Generally referred to as “Lal Quila”, the Red Fort is the most famous among the historical monuments of India.  It stands as a reminder of the Mughal rule in the country. The walls of the fort with a length of 1.5 miles were constructed to ward off intruders.  However, it was captured by the British forces.  At present, Red Fort symbolizes the sovereignty of the country. The site remains open from morning till evening except on Mondays.  And the entrance fee is just $5 for adults. Children under the age of fifteen are not required to pay the fee.  Located just opposite to Chandni Chowk in old Delhi, the fort is a great way to get to know the past glory of India. This is one of the top 10 places to visit in Delhi.

Red Fort

2)      Jama Masjid

A monument of the architectural perfection of the early India, this Mosque is the largest of the kind in the country.  Its courtyard is capable of accommodating twenty-five thousand devotees.  Records indicate that it took thirteen years to complete this mosque.  Climbing onto the top of its southern tower would present the visitor with an exciting view of the buildings scattered along the region.  While visiting this site, be mindful of the dress codes of the area.  You should take care to cover your heads and legs.  And the attire is available in the mosque itself.  A failure to abide by the instructions would deprive you of the opportunity of admiring this artistic wonder.  The site is located just a few yards from the Red fort.  The area remains open all through days except during the times when prayers are conducted.  Even though you do not have to pay to enter the site, taking photos would require paying a nominal amount.

Jama Masjid

3)      Chandni Chowk

A visit to the streets of Chandni Chowk would come as a pleasant surprise for a visitor to the area.  It presents a striking contrast to the modernized, highly developed New Delhi.  The initial feeling of uneasiness walking along the roads crowded with rickshaws, cycles and pedestrians would soon give way to the magic of the rustic charm of the area.  This is also a great opportunity for those who wish to get acquainted with the delicacies of the region.

Chandni Chowk

4)      Humayun’s Tomb

Located near the Nisamuddin railway station, this is a structure which resembles the Taj Mahal.  A structure built in the midst of exotic plant life, this tomb contains the body of Humayun, the second Mughal ruler of the nation.  It is believed to be the inspiration for Taj Mahal.  Records inform us that this is the first of the Mughal architecture in India.  An array of similar huge constructions followed suit in the following years.  The site remains open all day long and you are required to pay a nominal amount of $5 to appreciate the architectural splendor of this tomb. The magnificence of this tomb makes it one of the top 10 places to visit in Delhi.

Humayun's Tomb

5)      Lodi Gardens

This is an ideal location for someone who wishes to escape from the busy streets of the city.  A set of gardens planted by the Britishers in respect of those who ruled India during the fifteenth and sixteenth century, these offer solace to tired minds.  This site remains open all through the week and you do not have to pay to get benefitted by the healing powers of nature.  Lodi Gardens are located near the Humayun tomb.

Lodi Gardens

6)      Qutab Minar

Qutub Minar

Qutab Minar, the world’s largest brick structure was built in the year 1206.  It is the earliest of the structures where we are able to see a combination of the Indian and the Islamic architecture.  The reason of building Qutub Minar remains unknown even at present.  While some believe that it stands for the victory of the Mughals on the Indian soil, others claim that it had been a tower of prayer.  The five-storied tower is decorated with great carvings and quotations from Koran.   The site is also home to numerous historic monuments.  Access to the area would cost only $5 for adults.

7)      Gandhi Smriti

The desire to pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation would take you to Gandhi Smriti located in the central Delhi.  He was assassinated here on 30th January 1948.  Mahatma Gandhi lived here for 144 days to the day he was assassinated by religious fanatics.  His bedroom and the area where he used to conduct prayer meetings remain open to the public from morning to evening except on Monday.  The area is decorated with great sculptures and inscriptions. For people with memories of the freedom fight, this place is special and one of the top 10 places to visit in Delhi.

Gandhi Smriti Delhi

8)      India Gate

Built in memory of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the First World War, India Gate is located at a short distance from Raj path, in New Delhi.  The area wears a magic charm with the floodlights during the night.India Gate Delhi

9)      Garden of Five Senses

Located in the village of Said-ul-ajab near the heritage village, New Delhi, this is a garden designed to arouse our five senses.  The twenty-acre area is decorated with landscape gardens, sculptures, waterfalls and spiraling walkways.  The nearby amphitheater always remain vibrant with great music.  You would also be able to see numerous bars and restaurants in the area.  Spending a night in the groovy zoo is an experience you would never forget in life.

Garden Of Five Sense10)   Bahai (Lotus) Temple

The Bahai temple is known as lotus temple since it is built in the shape of a lotus flower.  This is a temple which proclaims the unity of all religions.  The temple looks more attractive during the night when it is decorated with enchanting lighting arrangements.  Located at a short distance from Nehru place South New Delhi, this temple remains open from morning to evening.  The surrounding gardens and ponds make it an ideal location to refresh yourself for some time.

Lotus Temple Delhi

This is just a few among the numerous places to visit in Delhi.  If you are planning to visit Delhi, be prepared to be surprised by the way tradition meets modernity in this metropolitan city.

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