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Process of Software Testing

Software Testing

To find the software bugs with an automated process so that software or application meets the technical and business requirement.Software testing provides the objective and independent view of the software to allow the business and understand the risks of software implementation.Software Testing Training offers the well trained MNC professionals as trainers.

1. Design and Requirements of the software are Reviewed

The design of the software must be thoroughly explained for any defects and if anything is there duly reported to the developer team.The requirements and the usability of the software should also be examined.Software Testing Training in Chennai is the best place to learn this course. The end users has the usability of the software is the important factor which makes the production of the software viable management.The review of a product by carring out an expert usability and it teaches all the steps involved in the process.

2. Planning the Tests

The tests are planned and the details of the tests are collected.After examining the design for any defects and also establishing the potential usability of the product.Then planning the tests for estimated budget, the schedule of the tests and requirements for the test.All these factors are properly considered and answered at this stage.

3. Design the Tests

The planned tests are designed.This designing of the tests are done on the basis of the review reports.As per the plans which have already been put in place.For designing the tests in an efficient manner the imagination and creativity plays a important part.

4. Setting up the Test Environment

The test environment should be as good as replica of the end users environment. The budget can also play the important role in effective test environment and the design team should check for effective test environment.

5. Carrying out the test

The software should be exhausted in the test environment and the results obtained should be properly documented.The planning, designing and execution of the tests is fairly wasy process and if you have a right kind of expertise with you.If the software does well in the tests and then definitely is a sign of the good things to come and if it falls to perform then the software should be sent back to the designing stage to iron out any flaws which have might been during the tests.

The testing and great software testing course which will teaches these processes in very easy manner. Software Training at FITA is the best training institute in Chennai.This course has been designed and equally designed for all the users and intermediate users.

6. Final Reporting

After testing the product, the final step is to prepare the proper reports for the tests and to submit those reports to stakeholders and potential investors.
These are the steps should only be taken in basic framework for carrying out a software testing life cycle and these are the steps to be carried out in any particular order depending on the management.