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Top 4 Best Frameworks of Java

Top 4 Best Frameworks of Java

Java is the best programming language platform for all the creation of web applications. Nowadays, there is a huge demand for Java Professionals in top IT Companies. Java is the source for the Android Programming language. Java Training in Chennai offers the training from top IT Java experts from MNC companies. Here, we are providing the good helpful info about the frameworks of java which are trending at the present IT industry.

1. Spring MVC

This was the first released framework of java which is the very important framework. Due to the changes made in the spring which is turned into the MVC framework. This spring framework is used as the Internet-facing applications, web applications development, application configuration and security projects. Java Training offers the placements in top IT Companies. Spring has a well-developed ecosystem which offers the different varieties of add-ons to choose from REST APIs or SOAP web services. Many of the companies choose their employees who know the Spring MVC framework.

Advantages of Spring MVC Framework:

  • By using POJOs the simplified test data can be inserted easily
  • Better Code readability and enhanced modularity
  • Loose couple between modules
  • Flexible use of Dependency Injection

2. Hibernate

This framework is also called as Mapping Java framework. This framework cracks the object-relational impedance errors by replacing the persisting DB accesses high-level object handling functions. Hibernate has the wonderful feature that helps the backend developers for the fine data access layer. This framework is an advanced ORM framework which performs the database operation on Java objects.  This is the persistence concept which makes the cache data from the java to the database.

Advantages of Hibernate:

Hibernate makes any sort of database alternations in the code which bridges the gap between objects and relational words.

  • Caching mechanism to bug database with similar queries
  • Oracle, Db2 or MySQL, Hibernate is DB independent
  • N+1 or Lazy loading support
  • It does not permit the multiple inserts which will not allow some queries that JDBC

3. Struts

Struts are the best leading framework which is used by the many of the software engineers at present in IT companies. Struts have developed their software by upgrading it into the Apache Struts 1, and Struts 2.  The Apache Software Foundation has equipped the developers with the extensive tool for creating the enterprise ready, web facing applications, optimizing the web applications. For learning this framework, Java Course in Chennai is the best training institute. It takes less time to test the code because of Action Class-plain POJO objects. APIs objects will help the tune inceptors easier by coupling.

Advantages of Struts:

There is no chance of overriding or implement in the Action Class.

Repetitive setup code that needs to create for several actions is no longer concern

4. JSF (JavaServer Faces)

This framework is provided by the JavaServer faces are supported by Oracle. This framework is not the best frameworks for the faster Java development. Best Java Training in Chennai offers the unique teaching methodology to the students. Many of the capabilities for JSF in oracle but no external dependencies till the end of Java Environment. Rich libraries and tools are becoming the backup for the complex applications.

Advantages of JSF

IDE software suites the prime level of support to the industry which is leading vendor. This is the leading framework for Java programming.

I hope this article will help you to choose the Best Java Frameworks. For more articles stay connected with us.

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