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TOP 7 Case Studies of Big Data in Telecommunications

Many of the telecom companies own the huge amounts of data with them. They need the proper digging and analysis of the structured data and as well as unstructured data to get the deeper insights to the customer behavior, their service usage patterns, and interests real-time. Hadoop training Chennai offers the well trained IT Professionals as trainers. Here all some of the case studies of Big Data in Telecom.

1. Re-engineering the Telecom Market Share Analytical Application

IBM is the most developed company which helped the leading telecom industry data analytics provider has re-engineers their market measurement product. They had made the data integration processes, workflow automation. They have developed the new custom user interfaces and build a set of IBM Cognos reports. Hadoop Training in Chennai offers the unique teaching methodology. This leads to the decrease in the volume of support needed by 55% by delivering the new products into the markets for customers.

2. Mobile Telecom

Hadoop is the most important thing which has the ability to directly achieve the data. Our activities are evolved continuously to actuate the large-scale problem with easy one to solve. In mobile telecom, the harnesses Big Data with Combined Actuate and Hadoop Solution

3. Telco Case Study

Vodafone and Argyle Data are the top most companies in telecom. They are using this big data to prevent impacts from fraud has focused on the telecom. Telecom Council Carrier Connections event in Silicon Valley has discussed the Vodafone and Argyle Data by presenting the video on Big Data.

4. Gaining marketing agility with smart promotions

Global Telecom needs the better way to attract the customers and retain value-conscious mobile customers. The company has teamed with the IBM and Nokia by deploying with SOA-based service creation and delivery platform which helps to create the target audience’s promotion.

5. Ufone uses advanced Analytics to Study and Capitalize on Customer Behavior

Marketing often meant the fliers jamming mailboxes, unwanted phone calls during dinner and show-stopping television commercials. Big Data Training in Chennai offers the placements in top IT Companies. Many of the campaigns were targeted in the scattershot approach. Very few people get to respond to this practice.

6. Benefiting from big data

Every company is looking for the ways to get beneficial for getting the revenues and profits during a time of stagnant growth in the industry. A few have made the demonstrated the capabilities needed to make the most from this new technology.

7. Analytics in Telecommunications

This has the potential to place communications services providers (CSPs) in a prime position for the customers and revenue streams. Big Data Course in Chennai at FITA is the best training institute in Chennai for this Course. This provides them with the information about their customer’s behaviors, preferences, and movements. Many of the Hadoop professionals should have the experience and knowledge in Java Course.

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