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What Are The Strategies That Help To Crack The IAS Exam?

The UPSC conducts the civil service exam every year to hire higher rank government officials. The civil service exam is conducted for IAS, IFS, IPS, and many more of their districts. Hence, many  students write these exams every year, and many aspirants go for UPSC coaching in Chennai to crack these civil service exams in their first attempt. However, some candidates fail in these examinations even after going for coaching classes Many factors correspond to the failure in civil service exams because of lack of preparation, strategies, lack of study material, and many more. Thus, repeated failure may lead to depression and inferiority complex in students. There are many inspiring stories of people who crack their exam in their first attempt. So, candidates must motivate themselves and get inspired from these stories to move forward. Hence, in this post, let us see the strategies that help to crack the IAS exam.

Right books:

The foremost factor to crack any competitive exam is to choose the right study material for studying. Students preparing for the IAS exam should be well-versed and specific about choosing the civil service books. Students can refer to the previous year’s question papers and ask their seniors about the books and syllabus. They can ask their seniors about their strategy and change according to their requirements. It is strategy that worked for them doesn’t work for and many IAS coaching in Chennai teach this as their first lesson.


Civil service exam changes or alters its syllabus every year. It confuses the students as well the beginners to the extreme. Therefore, students who are preparing for their IAS exam should keep track of the changes and modifications regularly. The UPSC council changes the syllabus to check whether the candidates are aware about the happenings around them. Hence, track the syllabus of the civil service exam regularly through various online portals, mobile applications, and different forms of media.

Writing skills:

 The IAS exam involves writing skill unlike other competitive exams. Hence, writing short answers on any preferred topic regularly will surely improve your capability and creativity. Most of the questions are asked from the issues that have happened recently and try to write answers in a descriptive way with more creativity. It will help you to prepare well and improve your ability to perform well in the exam.

Reduce repetition:

Instead of writing long paragraphs and answers try to include pie charts, graphs, and diagrams to impress the examiner.  Students can reduce the repetition by saying more advantages and positive notes about the specific topic.

Therefore, studying from the best IAS Coaching in Chennai with a certain strategy, will help students to crack the IAS exam easily.