Canada is a diverse country with a lot of natural beauty and a place which will respect all cultures and is willing to accept and learn about it. Canada is special for all the friendly people, ice hockey, nature, wildlife, beautiful landscape, different types of maple syrup, northern lights and many such things. One can process through a visa agency in chennai for the processing. There are two types of VISA available,

  • Tourist visa which is permitted for only a particular duration.
  • Immigrant visa which is to stay there permanently in Canada.

Tourist visa

To experience the natural beauty and to visit friends and family, many tourists and visitors come to Canada. The tourist visa is up to 6 months for everyone who applies for it. There are some constraints by which the visa processing will take place. One main thing is that the person cannot work in Canada but is free to travel all over the place. To obtain a visa one should first check for the best VISA services in Chennai.

Visa details

The tourist visa is the permit given to everyone for the duration of 6 months. The main things that is to be noted are

  • The sole purpose of this visa is only for tourism.
  • No one can apply for any work or do any job using the tourist visa.
  • The dependent and the children can be taken along.
  • Within 27 days of the submission of the application the visit visa will be issued.

Required documents

The documents that is required for the processing of the visit visa are

  • A valid passport with an expiry date of minimum six months.
  • Need all the documents that prove that the person is citizen of the home country.
  • Certificate to prove that the person is financially stable to provide for themself during the stay at Canada.
  • Before the trip the person should take a medical test and should get a medical clearance certificate.

Immigration visa

For immigration or citizenship one can apply online for the worker who has skills and experience in the foreign country. There are certain requirements for the processing of the immigration and minimum eligibility should be met in everything. It has requirements for

  • Skilled work experience
  • Language ability
  • Education

Factors involved inspection process

When minimum requirement is met then the application is assessed based on

  • Age
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Valid job offer
  • Language skills ( English or French)
  • adaptability

These factors will be assessed and are graded for about 100 marks and the minimum mark requirement for this is 67.

Skilled work experience

They should work under any one of these category

  • Managerial jobs comes under skill type 0
  • Professional jobs comes under skill level A
  • Technical jobs comes under skill level B

In the National Occupational Classification the person should show that all the duties are performed well as such in the lead statement during the primary occupation.

The experience must be calculated as a full time job will require 30 hours per week for a year. For a part time job it will be calculated as 15 hours per week for two years. More than one part time job can be done to get the hours required. But more than 30 hours will not be taken into consideration.

The minimum requirement will involve the work experience a person gained while also be considered. The employment should be continuous without any break. And they should be paid in wages or commissions.

Language tests should be taken according to the norms of the Canadian Language Benchmark one should obtain a minimum mark. The test includes reading, writing, listening and speaking in either English or French. As it requires many thing it is best to look for a genuine immigration consultants for Canada in Chennai.