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What is Customer Relationship Management?

Customer Relationship management (CRM)

CRM refers to the practices, strategies and technologies of the companies. Many of the companies are managing and analyzing the customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. With the goal of improving business relationships with customers and driving sales growth. These systems are designed to compile information on customers across different channels or point of contact between the customer and the company. Salesforce Training offers the training from top IT professionals as trainers. This includes the company’s website, telephone, live chat and through the social media. CRM systems can give the detailed information about customer-facing staff and customer’s personal information.

CRM Software

This can consolidate customer information and documents into a single CRM database so business users can more easily access and manage it. The main functions of this software including the recording and automating various workflow processes such as the ability to track the customer performance and productivity.

Features of CRM Software:

  • Salesforce automation

This helps to prevent the duplicate efforts between a salesperson and a customer. This is also known as Salesforce Management. This helps to track all the contact and follow-ups between both sides.

  • Contact Center Automation

It is designed to reduce the tedious aspects of a contact center agent’s job,. The contact center automation might include the pre-recorded audio that assists in customer problem-solving and information. Salesforce Training in Chennai is the best place to learn this course. Many of the tools that integrate with the agents desktop tools can handle the customer calls in order to cut down the calls.

  • Marketing Automation

The Marketing automation capabilities can automate repetitive tasks to enhance efforts to customers at different points in the lifecycle. If any sales prospects as come into the system, the system might automatically send them marketing materials, typically via email and Social media. We can change the sales leads into the customers.

  • Location based Services

Some of the CRM systems are used to create the geographic marketing campaigns based on customer’s physical locations. Salesforce Certification offers the placements in top IT Companies. Sometimes integrating with popular location based GPS apps. Geo location technology is based on the networking or contact management tool in order to find sales.

CRM Technology market

The four main vendors of the CRM system are Salesforce.Com, Microsoft, SAP and Oracle. CRM puts the onus of administration, control, security and maintenance of the database and the information on the company. Salesforce training institute in Chennai at FITA is the best training institute for this course. The software resides the company’s own servers and the user assumes the cost of any upgrades and usually requires the prolonged installation process to fully integrate the company’s data.

The cloud-based CRM is also known as SaaS (software-as-a-service) or on-demand CRM data is stored on an external, remote network that employees can access anytime; anywhere there is an Internet Connection. Sometimes the third party service provider overseeing the installation and maintenance.