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What is Selenium Framework?


What is Selenium Framework?

Selenium Framework is a programming framework that allows for easy code management. We would put “code” and “data” in the same area if we didn’t use configurations, and the result would be unreadable and reusable. Create good impacts such as enhanced code reuse, decreased script maintenance costs, increased portability, and enhanced code readability by leveraging the framework. If you are here to know What is Selenium Framework? FITA Academy offers the Best Selenium Training in Chennai with the Selenium Certified Professionals.

The Selenium Web Driver Guide installs three different types of test automation systems:

  1. Data-Driven Test Framework
  2. Keyword Driven Test Framework
  3. Hybrid Test Framework

Data-Driven Test Framework

In Selenium, the data-driven framework is a method for isolating sets of data from a testing phase. The program can be simply transformed to a particular function without modifications once the data packages have been separated from the checkbox. It’s used to gather test cases and packages through external databases like XML, Excel,.csv, and database tables. 

Because the testing phase is separate from the given dataset, it is simple to update the test case of a specific function without affecting the code. 

  • During a lag test, this allows for testing the app with various data sets.
  • It isolates test case information from test scripts that can be executed.
  • Allows actions and routines to be reused across many tests.

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Keyword Driven Framework in Selenium

In Selenium, the Keyword Driven Framework is a method for speeding up test automation by dividing keywords for well-known techniques and methods. All of the necessary functions and instructions are specified in an external file, such as an excel sheet. Users have complete discretion over the functions they wish to test. The keyword-driven method of automation is based on the separation of the coding scheme from the testing ground and test step.

It makes it easier for a non-technologist to learn automation. A manual tester can use this to define automation scripts. This is not to say that an automation test method is not needed, but for any key phrase executed program, a hardcore technological coder is required to set the framework and regularly perform modifications and notifications to the background automation framework.

Hybrid Framework

The Hybrid Drive Framework combines the Data-Drive and Keywords Drive Framework setups. Both the keywords and the test data are from outside sources. Keywords are strengthened in a different JavaScript file, and experimental data attributes can be saved in a file or Google spreadsheet, or used by the TestNG framework’s data provider.

In Selenium, the hybrid framework is the keyword we use to combine the benefits of driven structure and data-driven design. Manual testers that do not have enough programming experience typically use the Hybrid Drive Framework. These people may not be able to see keywords, test data, or repositories, and they may start writing a test case without encoding everything in the framework. Join Selenium Training in Bangalore and learn Selenium professionally under the guidance of industry experts.