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Why Are Polycarbonate Sheets Popular?

One of the popular roofing sheets that are used by many is polycarbonate sheets. The popularity of polycarbonate sheets is due to their amazing contribution to the environment. Polycarbonate sheets are transparent sheets that allow a minimal amount of sunlight through them. In those days, plain transparent sheets were combined with steel and used in industrial areas for maximum penetration of light. But, nowadays, these sheets were replaced with acrylic and glass because of their high durability and thickness. Hence, that is the reason why restaurants and cafes use these polycarbonates for their seating area. Therefore, people started to realize the importance of polycarbonate sheets and started to use them for residential and commercial purposes. They are very economical compared to other roofing products. Hence, in this post, let us see why polycarbonate sheets are popular.


The foremost reason for the popularity of polycarbonate sheets is that they are inexpensive. Polycarbonate sheets are economical because of their lightweight nature. The polycarbonate JSW color coated sheets do not require any complex vehicle to carry the sheets. Hence, the transportation and expenditure of polycarbonate sheets are less. The advantage of using these sheets is they don’t require any additional coatings or installation charges. Hence, polycarbonate sheets are the ideal roofing solution.

Easy to install:

Another prime benefit of using polycarbonate sheets is they are easy to install. The polycarbonates do not require any devices or cranes to install. These sheets can be fixed with screws and supporting rods to install. Hence, the polycarbonate sheets reduce the installation charges exclusively. Similarly, these sheets can be welded and cut into pieces by using circular saws and sharp-edged scissors. Thus, the polycarbonate sheets are much easier to install compared to other products. You can also purchase the polycarbonate sheets from the JSW roofing sheet dealer in Chennai.

Ultraviolet protection:

Thirdly, the polycarbonate sheets protect us from ultraviolet radiation.  These sheets are resistant to these rays and their impact. The polycarbonate sheets can hold temperatures up to 120 degrees celsius and have exceptional transparency. So, it is an ideal choice for the industries that need maximum sunlight without being harmed by its rays. Hence, this is the reason why polycarbonate sheets are used in greenhouses to grow well under sufficient light and energy.

Hence, these are the reasons why polycarbonate sheets are popular. However, for a sheet to stay in place you should need a sturdy framework to hold them. Therefore, purchase purlins or frameworks from z purlin manufacturers for high quality and standard products.