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5 Benefits Of Exercises That Help The Child With ADHD

Traditional strategies that help to treat the child with ADHD involve the use of medication and behaviour modification. While medication is being used for children with severe ADHD symptoms. Many parents are reluctant to use meds owing to the long term side effects. Fortunately, the researchers have found other strategies that help children to improve focus, attention and other functioning skills. Child concentration exercises must also be given to them for increased benefit. 

Brain-based Exercise:

Brain-based exercises help kids and even adults with ADHD to overcome faster. Vigorous exercise builds up a protein in the brain called the brain-derived neurotrophic factor. The mechanisms are also discussed detailly in the book called, The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain. Right Brain Training is essential for kids with ADHD. Hence, parents encourage kids to carry out the exercise for having an improved behavior. 

Exercise at a specific time to address ADHD:

The data on the importance of exercise for ADHD kids is overwhelming. Many individuals benefit by having a regular schedule of exercise. Thus making it a routine for the kids is the best way. Choose a specified time during the weekdays which might be right after school or before dinner. A minimum of 30 minutes of vigorous exercising is essential. Both outdoor and indoor exercise works for the kids. Keep the child continuously engaged in this routine for having better results. 

Exercise before school:

Researches have found that exercising for 15 – 20 mins can result in improved concentration for up to 1-2 hours. Make your child exercise before school. This increases the likelihood of having a better morning in school with increased focus and the ability to get the work done. The exercise you choose should be vigorous and at the same time easy to do on a daily basis. A Child could also walk up to the school or ride a bike each morning. This exercise changes the chemistry of the brain to improve the attention that is needed for the kid. Even treadmills or video-based exercising would also work well.  

Exercise before doing homework:

Kids with ADHD benefit from taking their time off after school and before doing their homework. This time can be effectively utilized for vigorous physical exercise and not just playing video games or watching television. Active movement is essential for the kids which can lead to improved focus and attention. This is ought to be a powerful tool that helps in homework completion and building focus. 

Choose a sport that best suits them:

Sports with an ongoing activity such as soccer, field hockey, lacrosse and swimming are often the best choice for kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Other sports might also aid benefit it to them, Hence choose the game wisely. 

Thus playing an exergame or getting help from a fitness trainer or getting ADHD treatment in Chennai can help the kids with ADHD to recover faster.