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Top Mistakes to Avoid During UPSC Preparation

The civil services conduct the UPSC exam every year. This gives us a chance of becoming an IAS officer in the civil service of India. One can actively participate and contribute their help towards the growth of the country. So, start preparing from day one, if you wish to attend the IAS exam. Let us see some mistakes to avoid in the preparation of the civil service examinations. 

 Not following the exact syllabus:

Know the syllabus thoroughly before preparing for the UPSC exams. It is an exact road map to be followed in the process. Sticking to the syllabus will help you save time. One must also upgrade themselves with the changing syllabus patterns. Try to get the latest information from a reliable source. Once you are familiar with the syllabus, you can keep track of the topics to be covered for the exams.  

Not taking up Mock tests:

It is a highly competitive exam based on rank systems. If you want to outperform all the candidates, you have to practice a lot. One can bypass the negative marking in IAS exams by working out a lot. As it is a lengthy paper, adequate practice would help the candidate. Try practising mock tests to score higher in the exams. Choose the IAS coaching in Chennai, as they would help candidates with a lot of mock tests that are essential for the exams. 

No proper study plan:

The preparation for the IAS exam is an intense job. One should have a proper study plan to fight this battle. Only a proper plan will help the aspirants to complete the syllabus on time. Try to strategize a daily plan, weekly plan, and monthly plan and also long term one-year plan. Achieving this goal in the specified time will act as a booster. 

Not following NCERT:

NCERT are the basic to cover for the UPSC examination. This book helps the student to understand the concepts in an easy and simplified manner. After covering these books, one can go ahead with the advanced books. NCERT books are available for free download as well.   

Referring to too many books:

Try to avoid referring to too many books for a single portion. Too many cooks spoil the broth. It is a lengthy paper but covering too many books is not necessary. 

Spending too much time on Newspaper:

Filter the relevant topic and cover the important topic alone in the Newspaper that can be covered in less time. It is an important part of the preparation to be done accurately.

Avoiding revision:

As the syllabus is huge, the student might forget what he had studied. The only way to remember is to make short notes and revise them regularly. Multiple revision before appearing on the exam is the wise choice for the candidate. 

UPSC coaching in Chennai is given free of cost by many institutions. Find one and start preparing for a better future. Nothing is impossible in this world. Face the exam without losing confidence in yourself. Read the above post and avoid mistakes that you are ought to make during the preparation process of the UPSC exam.