Grow and Glow with GRE Test Preparation

GRE Exam is taken by the Students from Nook and Corner of the world.

The main aim of taking GRE is to get a Good University. Many Universities are offering Scholarships and Provides On-Campus jobs.

An aspirant can Shine with Good GRE Score through dedicated GRE Test Preparation.

Find some Recommendations about GRE..

  • Is there any organization in INDIA that gives scholarship for MS?

    There are many organizations in India that offer scholarships for higher studies abroad. These organizations can be government financed or private. Non Governmental Organizations like Youth Foundation and Rotary Club Foundation also provide financial aid to deserving students. Tata Education and Development Trust offer scholarships to 20 deserving students for completion of their MS from Cornell University. Other opportunities include Nehru Fulbright scholarships and Aga Khan Foundation Scholarships.


  • Why is GRE accepted for both MS & MBA? But not GMAT?

    Some MS degrees do accept GMAT and GRE scores like MS in Finance or MS in Business analytics. Although these programs do accept GMAT score, not all the schools accept GMAT for these programs. The main reason why GRE is more widely accepted by universities for MS is because the GRE score has proved to be a reliable indicator of an applicant’s ability to perform well in graduate degree. Due to this reliability, the GRE score has been traditionally accepted more by all MS programs than the GMAT score. Due to the huge difference between the GRE and GMAT format, different skill sets are tested out for each exam. For example, GMAT consists of Integrated Reasoning section which is important to measure an applicant’s ability to think logically. This is given more weightage for MBA programs whereas MS programs don’t give a lot of preference to this particular aspect as much as the importance given to the analytical ability of the applicant.


  • Comparing RA, TA & On-campus job, which is the best to have?

    It depends on what you define by ‘best’.
    From a career & money perspective, RA is definitely the best thing to go ahead with. The moment a student gets Research Assistantships under a very good professor who has good connections in industry, there’s more possibility of getting internships in good companies which can help in campus placement later. Added to that, the amount of money you get in terms of tuition waivers and stipend are quite high compared to TA & On campus jobs.

    Talking from social life perspective, TA and On campus jobs are quite an opportunity to meet a lot of new people and interact with them. Teaching assistantships helps this unique skill set that’s needed for professional life ahead.

    Although On campus jobs have these perks, I would not recommend students to go for On campus jobs because the money you earn by putting the time you do is not really worth it. It would affect your academics in a huge way thereby losing the main reason you go to pursue an MS.

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