Serene Beauty: Backwaters of Kerala

This one will be about everything quintessentially Kerala, also known as “God’s Own Country,”. kerala is famed for its beautiful scenery, rich cultural legacy, and clean beaches. However, one of the state’s most appealing features is the complicated network of backwaters that run through it. The first thing that springs to mind when you think of this wonderful state is the magnificent coconut trees, backwaters, and the enormous passion of football. Welcome to the backwaters.

Every now and then, travel allows you to form deep relationships with the area and its inhabitants. In this blog, you’ll learn about the fascination of Kerala’s backwaters, their significance, and the finest ways to explore this aquatic wonderland. In this blog I will be your Travel Planner for India.

Nature’s masterpiece: the backwaters

The backwaters are a vital lifeline for the local economy, supporting the livelihoods of many who rely on fishing and toddy farming from the abundant coconut trees. The gentle tides and the slow, rhythmic movement of the boats create a calming effect, helping visitors feel centred and connected to the environment. This tranquil journey offers an intimate glimpse into the daily life within this unique ecosystem.

Kerala’s backwaters comprise a network of interconnected canals, rivers, lakes, and lagoons that pass parallel to the Arabian Sea coast. This natural wonder was formed by waves and shore currents, which created low barrier islands at the river mouths flowing from the Western Ghats. The largest of these backwaters is Vembanad Lake, the longest lake, and tourist places in India, which spans several districts, including Alappuzha, Kottayam, and Ernakulam.

A Journey through the Backwaters

Kerala’s backwaters are the best places to visit in india, and it is a unique ecology that supports an incredible number of birds, including kingfishers, egrets, and cormorants. Even otters and turtles call the backwaters home. For those who reside along the canals’ shores, it serves as a transportation network. Fresh water is also used for cultivation in coconut groves, spice plantations, and rubber farms.

One of the greatest ways to explore the backwaters is to take a houseboat trip. These houseboats, also called kettuvallam, are outfitted with modern facilities to provide a relaxing and pleasant ride. As you glide across the tranquil river, you can see gorgeous towns, luscious paddy fields, and local life taking place along the banks.

Backwater Destinations

Alappuzha: Alappuzha is Kerala’s most popular backwater attraction. The town is well-known for its network of canals, houseboat tours, and the annual Nehru Trophy Boat Race. Alleppey also offers a variety of enriching experiences. You can join cooking classes to learn the secrets of Kerala cuisine, book yoga lessons to rejuvenate your mind and body or indulge in soothing Ayurvedic treatments for a holistic healing experience.

To reach there :Board a bus from Trivandrum or Cochin to reach Alappuzha.

Kumarakom:  Kumarakom Kumarakom, located on the shores of Vembanad Lake, is a quiet backwater getaway well known for its bird sanctuary. It provides a more laid-back and less marketed backwater feel than Alappuzha. Kumarakom specializes in luxury houseboat cruises. As a result, the waterways near Kumarakom might become congested with big kettuvallams. However, Kumarakom provides a more rustic and elegant experience than Alleppey. Kumarakom is more of a collection of islands than a town. You’ll feel more connected to nature here, especially with the Kumarakom bird sanctuary nearby.

To reach there: The Kumarakom has no railway station, however there are frequent buses to right next to Kottayam.

Kollam: Kollam is the gateway city to Kerala’s backwaters. Where a stunning network of canals begins at the famed Ashtamudi Lake, Kerala’s second-largest lake. This was an old port city on the Arabian coast. It is known for its picturesque Ashtamudi Lake, provides a one-of-a-kind backwater experience because to its rich biodiversity and historical significance. Houseboat trips here offer the opportunity to explore the less congested and scenic backwaters. Making the Most of Your Stay on Any Budget Whether you are traveling on a tight budget or looking for a luxurious escape, Kollam has something to offer for everyone.

To reach there: Kollam Bus station is 1 Km from the City centre, and  Frequent buses are available from Trivandrum, Alleppey and Cochin.

Kasargod: Kasargod backwaters is the place to savour the lush green and serene surroundings while sailing on Board a Kerala houseboat or Kattuvalam. The northern district of Kerala, Kasargod, is known for its serene and relatively unexplored backwaters. It is ideal for those who are looking for some peace away from crowds. Kasargod backwater tour offers you a chance to explore a verdant landscape where glistening rivers surround 4 small islands.

To reach there: By train, Trikaripur, Cheruvathur, Nileshwar, Kanhangad, Kasargod, Kumbla, Uppla, and Manjeshwar are the nearest railway stations.

Exciting Activities to do around the Backwaters of Kerala

Fishing: The Fishing is a popular sport in Kerala’s backwaters, and tourists may simply arrange for a guide or charter a boat to take them to the best fishing places. The Fishing in the Kerala backwaters is best done with traditional methods, such as utilizing nets or bait and tackle. The ideal time to visit is all year.

Boat racing: Boat racing is an essential aspect of Kerala’s tradition and culture. It takes place during the festival season in the backwaters of Kerala. The race is typically held on the backwaters of Kuttanad, Alappuzha, and Kochi. The boat race is often accompanied by traditional music and singing, as well as plenty of cheering from the spectators. The perfect time to visit is from August to December.

Bird Watching: This is a destination for those who enjoy bird watching, photography, and other outdoor activities. It is home to some of India’s most beautiful and uncommon migratory species. Black Drongo, White Breasted Waterhen, Jungle Myna, many more are acceptable and always happy to pose for the camera. The ideal time to visit is all year.

The backwaters of Kerala offer a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and tranquil charm. The most popular option is to stay in a houseboat. Which gives you a unique and unmatched view of the backwaters. If you are fond of Travel and Leisure with Buddies do visit Backwaters of Kerala for unforgettable experience

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