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Top Five Places to Visit in India

Kerala -“God’s own country” is one of the most beautiful state in India. This is a pleasant state in the Western Ghats attracting many tourists each year. The geographic area includes lots of beaches, dense forests and back waters. Kerala is also referred to as the “Spice garden of India” due to its major produce of cardamoms, cashews and coconuts. Several iconic places in Kerala such as Kochi city, Kovalam beach, Thiruvananthapuram city, Alapuzha beach, Kannur, Thrissur are incredible tourist spots. Being a multicultural place, there are several churches, temples, mosques which attracts tourists of all religion.

Beautiful view of Coconut Trees in Kerala

Kashmir Valley

“Heaven on earth”, “Swiss of the east” are the common names to the state of Kashmir. It’s a beautiful state with lush green lands in summer and beautiful snow in the winter. Being surrounded by the Himalayan ranges it’s a perfect spot for snow hiking and trekking. Punjab’s river Jhelum flows through the capital city of Srinagar contributing to the gorgeous look to Kashmir valley. The lake of Dhal is a popular boating spot for centuries. Other than the natural beauty, Kashmir valley is a natural source of saffron, fruits and vegetables. As a tourist you can definitely enjoy these natural foods along with the natural beauty of the valley.

Kashmir Valley In Winter


Yet another piece of natural beauty in the Himalayan range is Ladakh. It has beautiful lakes and passes that have been sites of interests for ages. Buddhism is the religion followed in this region, and you could get a good glimpse of those monasteries and enjoy the silence of meditation. The wonderful landscape attracts tourists for cycling, mountaineering, skiing and paragliding. The natives are well talented in handmade products that could be a good choice of souvenirs. Though the beauty of Ladakh is appealing, it never comes without its own perils. Be aware of those dangers in the roads and bridges that slide down to deep valleys.



Goa has always been the best tourist spot in India. Goa is famous for its beaches and parties. Being ruled by Portuguese for years, Goa reflects the remains of that western culture.  There are several beaches in Goa especially Anjuna, Curly which are must visits for those beach lovers. Convents, church of Saint Francis of Assisi, basilica of Jesus exhibits the true Christian culture of the city. There are several local markets that sell handmade ornaments and home decors made of sea shells. Goa’s rich culture offers variety of food stuffs that you can taste in the road side shops or why not even pop into those lavish parties.



Camel in RajasthanRajasthan with its rich history and varied climatic conditions is the largest state in India. It offers several places of interest, Jaipur topping the list. Jaipur, the capital city also known as the pink city hosts the Hawa Mahal, a must see of the real architectural sense of the Rajputs. Rajasthan is a blend of Muslim and Hindu Rajput culture and this can well be felt in their architecture, food and clothing. There are several forts in Ajmer, Jodhpur, and Bikaner which are the sought after places for tourists. There are also several wildlife reserves, that dwells the rare species of animals like black bucks and chinkara. The glass articles, Jaipur jewelleries, the embroidery outfits are good collections to your shopping cart.

So folks, Hurry now and book your tickets for a memorable trip of your lifetime!

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