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What Is PhoneGap, And Why Use PhoneGap?

What Is PhoneGap, And Why Use PhoneGap?

A popular solution for creating cross-platform mobile apps is PhoneGap.An open-source framework for developing mobile applications was produced by Nitobi Software (now Adobe). It enables the creation of apps utilising HTML, JavaScript, and CSS by the developers. To learn more about PhoneGap, join phonegap training in chennai at FITA Academy.

One of the best languages for creating mobile applications is PhoneGap, formerly known as “Apache Cordova”, and was introduced by Nitobi. Adobe acquired Nitobi, and Apache Cordova was rebranded as “PhoneGap.”

Why Do We Use PhoneGap?

Developers must understand why they should choose PhoneGap over the competing frameworks available. Your questions will be answered in this area of the blog, though.

1)CrossPlatform compatibility

It involves a lot of work to create a mobile app. Therefore, the platform the developers use must be trustworthy. PhoneGap is compatible with several mobile application development platforms, including iOS, Blackberry, Android, WebOS, Symbian, Tizen, and Bada. It is a dependable cross-platform solution. The effort required to create numerous applications for various platforms is reduced because the app development team needs to write one piece of code.

2)Cost Effective

PhoneGap is the best option if you have a limited budget and want to maximise leverage with few investments. A single software can run an application on several different platforms. You’ll save a tonne of money and time by doing this.

3)Better access to native API

Your mobile app’s developers can access the Native APIs through PhoneGap, allowing them to utilise the camera, geolocation, accelerometer, contacts, and other native functions in your app. The experience of using native apps, which is much better than web applications, is available to the users.

4)Greater community support

It’s crucial to have sufficient support if you’re trying anything new. One of the largest and steadily expanding neighbourhoods is the Cordova development community. You will find a solution to most of your problems here because the residents are kind. There are a tonne of examples and a tonne of knowledgeable members who can offer you tremendous support.

5)Robust backend support

With its strong backend support, PhoneGap speeds up the development process and requires less work from the developer. For new developers to quickly understand the entire project, they also offer a beginner’s tutorial.


I hope this blog will let you know about what PhoneGap is and why we use PhoneGap.To learn more about this cost-effective, robust application, join Phonegap online training. PhoneGap is a popular language for creating mobile applications.