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What is the right approach to carry out sound structural engineering?

Some people believe that structural design results from a moment of inspiration. But it is not. Talent is essential, but it’s not enough. Designing necessitates a continued effort to integrate clear ideas of the solution to a problem and its limits, a deep knowledge of structural principles, and a comprehensive search for the ideal solution to the issue. Structural Engineers In Chennai contribute a more significant part in solving the problem. 

Is it feasible to carry out practical structural engineering?

It is. Excellent instances of exceptional structural engineering could be found throughout the history of humanity.

However, the current proliferation of terrible examples of structures, typical vulgar engineering and disconnected from any engineering tradition, is regrettable. A state of confusion has evolved, resulting in a proliferation of unreasonable and selfish constructions that are on the verge of being destroyed. As these are personal opinions, structural disorder and the irrational application of sensational solutions must be prohibited from the structural analysis ethical code. Is there a sense of ethics and beauty in such examples? Without a certainty, no.

What is the best approach to carry out excellent structural engineering?

Addressing this fundamental question is incredibly difficult; however, it is almost certain that it requires at least the following components. A deep understanding. It is impossible to develop without a thorough knowledge of structural behavior and the capabilities of various construction and building processes. The available computation tools may give a false impression that powerful computing technologies could replace thorough knowledge. On the other hand, deep knowledge solves a problem through basic simplifying assumptions that lead to a complete understanding of the flow of energies and the building components that each proposed solution has.

Craftsmanship and dedication

It is a mistake to believe that the ideal design comes from creativity given by the gods only on talented architects. This is not so in architecture or perhaps any other field. A good plan is fundamentally the result of working hard and the expertise of a craft acquired over the years by the Structural Consultants In Chennai


Permeability is the third ingredient in sound structural engineering, especially this time. The structural engineer should exhibit a high level of permeability. Workability is several structural domains, including structures, bridges, and infrastructure improvements. Workability with various materials, including metal, cement, composite structures, wood, and textiles. Workability at any building’s life cycle stage, encompassing development, construction, management, operations, and destruction. These different fields of work generate an information flow and concepts that enhance the project by enabling expertise to be transmitted from one area to the other, from one material to another, and from one stage of the structure’s life cycle.


Last but not least important, humanism is a constant reference to the work of engineers. Sound structural engineering cannot ignore society, history, and culture. Humanist engineering for living beings, as in the Renaissance, when the person was at the center and all other things revolved around it

The Engineering Consultants In Chennai contributed much to humanity’s evolution, which has been extraordinary and anonymous. Unfortunately, I do not know if we are aware that we, engineers, are protagonists of this role, that we play a Typology Materials Life Cycle significant role in society, and that our contribution goes beyond the isolated facts of a simple design.