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How To Start A Career in AWS?

How to start a career in AWSCloud computing is reshaping the world of technology, from IaaS and PaaS solutions to Digital Marketing. As the technology’s influence expands, so does investment. Every year, tens of billions of dollars are spent on cloud computing-related services. The demand for cloud certified personnel, such as AWS certifications, is growing as a result of this migration. Here, in this blog we will discuss is AWS a good career?

This means enormous profits for start-up owners and corporations, but it also promises lucrative job chances for you. A Cloud DevOps Engineer’s median compensation is $140k per year, with Software Engineer positions only slightly behind at $122k per year.

A credential from the largest cloud computing firm is exactly what you need to better your career if you’re already in the field and want to advance up the ladder or transfer careers. Learn more about AWS certifications by reading this article. Check out FITA Academy’s AWS Training in Chennai Learning Paths when you’re ready to take the next step toward certification.

What are Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications?

 One of the firms that launched the cloud computing boom was Amazon Web Services. Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud were quick to follow suit. As a result, AWS is one of the market’s oldest and most successful cloud computing enterprises, which must win the company respect.

How to advance a career with AWS certifications

Certification will surely increase your value in the eyes of prospective companies. However, if you don’t have a plan, you’ll have a hard time finding work for a long time. We’ve created a simple roadmap for you to follow when it comes to taking the next step in your career.

Know where you’re going

Where do you want to be in five years? Isn’t it the question you’re asked all the time during interviews? That’s a question you’ll have to answer for yourself.

Before you can begin studying for AWS certification tests, you must first understand why you want to earn one. You’re on the right road if you know what position you want to fill in the future and many firms who have these roles open treat AWS certification as a bonus or work closely with AWS.

Know the basics of Cloud Computing.

You can begin learning once you have determined your objectives. You can take AWS exams without much study if you’re an experienced software engineer who’s led multiple cloud-based projects. Even seasoned IT pros should refresh their memories on some areas of cloud computing they haven’t used in a while, or you’ll be out $300.

You’ll need to study a lot before taking an exam if you’re new to cloud computing or want to brush up on your skills. So join FITA Academy’s Cloud Computing Online Course and AWS Online Training for the best coaching with the strong practical knowledge.

Obtain practical experience

Theoretical understanding will only take you so far. To have a chance at passing the exam, you’ll need to practise with AWS.

How do you go about doing that? Amazon gives you a year of free access to a limited set of capabilities, thus you should be able to create a private sandbox for that long. You can also work as part of a team on an open-source project.

Prepare for the exam

When you feel you have a good understanding of AWS, it’s time to study for the exam. On the AWS website, you may see if you fit every step of the learning route and take practice assessments.

When you’re sure you’ll pass the training exams, go to the AWS website and schedule an exam. The most important thing is to choose a moment when you can perform at your best.

Demonstrate your knowledge during the interview.

A certificate is simply a piece of paper that convinces an employer that you are deserving of their time and consideration. The practical and theoretical information you gain along the route is what matters most.

Because of the knowledge you now have, if you studied hard with FITA Academy’s AWS Training in Coimbatore, you will be able to make a memorable first impression on the interview.


The path to AWS certifications is rather straightforward: decide on your goals, learn a lot, get a certificate, and use it to impress the company. While the path itself is simple, only a few people are able to complete it on their first attempt.

Every step has its own set of dangers. To get a better job, you need to go on the appropriate study route, get great coaching, develop practical skills, and work on your resume. FITA Academy can help you with all of this and ensure that you pass the AWS exam on your first attempt.