What is Selenium Framework?

What is Selenium Framework?

  Selenium Framework is a programming framework that allows for easy code management. We would put “code” and “data” in the same area if we didn’t use configurations, and the result would be unreadable and reusable. Create good impacts such as enhanced code reuse, decreased script maintenance costs, increased portability, and enhanced code readability by leveraging the framework. If you ...

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How To Start A Career in AWS?

How to start a career in AWS

Cloud computing is reshaping the world of technology, from IaaS and PaaS solutions to Digital Marketing. As the technology’s influence expands, so does investment. Every year, tens of billions of dollars are spent on cloud computing-related services. The demand for cloud certified personnel, such as AWS certifications, is growing as a result of this migration. Here, in this blog we ...

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What is the right approach to carry out sound structural engineering?

Structural Engineering Concepts

Some people believe that structural design results from a moment of inspiration. But it is not. Talent is essential, but it’s not enough. Designing necessitates a continued effort to integrate clear ideas of the solution to a problem and its limits, a deep knowledge of structural principles, and a comprehensive search for the ideal solution to the issue. Structural Engineers ...

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Important Specifics On Why You Need an Interior Designer

Interior Designing in Chennai

We all can accept that a house ought to be able to provide owners with a sense of safety. It is incredibly crucial throughout this pandemic when people spend significant amounts of time at home. When the layout and choice of interior style fit your needs and expectations, this is a deciding factor in creating happiness in your house. The ...

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5 Reasons For Joining A Music School Is A Wiser Option

Music production courses

If you have musical interest and are wondering whether one should study by watching videos on the internet or participating in a professional music-making and DJ program, keep reading! First and foremost, make sure anything you choose should be for genuine reasons. Some people work better in solitude, whereas others need to be pushed and allowed to learn. Music Production ...

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Here Are Tips To Maintain Your Kanchipuram Soft Silk Sarees

soft silk sarees

Kanchipuram soft silk sarees are the most elegant attire that adds extra grace to every woman. These sarees make every woman look like Goddess and add extra grandeur to the atmosphere. However, the most difficult part of the Kanchivaram silk sarees is maintaining them in perfect condition. Many put a lot of effort into finding the one right piece of ...

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Important Facts And Myths About Gluten that everyone should know

Gluten free cake

Bread takes its sponginess from the building protein called gluten. Some people believe gluten is evil. But this is the case for people with celiac disease. The symptoms constitute constipation, abdominal pain, weight loss and fatigue. People with wheat allergies can eat non-wheat gluten-containing foods. A culinary nutritionist specifies people with gluten sensitivity may not need to avoid gluten completely. ...

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5 Benefits Of Exercises That Help The Child With ADHD

ADHD child refuses to cooperate

Traditional strategies that help to treat the child with ADHD involve the use of medication and behaviour modification. While medication is being used for children with severe ADHD symptoms. Many parents are reluctant to use meds owing to the long term side effects. Fortunately, the researchers have found other strategies that help children to improve focus, attention and other functioning ...

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Top Mistakes to Avoid During UPSC Preparation

Mistakes to avoid during UPSC preparation

The civil services conduct the UPSC exam every year. This gives us a chance of becoming an IAS officer in the civil service of India. One can actively participate and contribute their help towards the growth of the country. So, start preparing from day one, if you wish to attend the IAS exam. Let us see some mistakes to avoid ...

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How Does Outsourcing Reduce The Risk In The Payroll?


Outsourcing is the traditional practice followed by many companies and organizations to perform their internal and predefined operations. It is one of the effective ways to focus more on the core activities of the business. Hence, outsourcing the essential process of the companies to the third party will considerably reduce the stress and provide more time for the organization to ...

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