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Top 25 Places to Visit in Bangalore

One of the most beautiful cosmopolitan cities of India, Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka. The third largest city of the country, Bangalore is famous as the Garden city. The city has attracted the Information Technology business and has thus become the Silicon Valley of India. The city is brimming with attractions for the tourists, who will have a good time visiting Bangalore and experiencing the charm of the place. It is not difficult to travel the city as there are various means of transport available here. To make things easier, here is a list of Top 25 places to visit in Bangalore.

1. Lal Bagh:

The main attraction of Bangalore, construction of Lal Bagh began in 1760 by Hyder Ali. His successor, Tipu Sultan, completed it. Located in the southern part of Bangalore, the garden attained the status of Government Botanical Garden in the year 1856 and covers a huge area, 240 acres. Lal Bagh is full of rare species of trees, plants and other fauna from countries around the world, including Persia, France as well as Afghanistan. The theme of the garden remains that of Mughal Garden, Delhi. To make it easy for identification, plants are labelled with details. The Lal Bagh Rock is almost 3000 million years ancient.
Lal Bagh Garden Bangalore

2. Tipu Sultan Palace

The palace was built between the period 1781 and 1791. The palace is identical to Tipu Sultan’s another palace, Daria Daulat. The Emperor was fond of the palace and called it, ‘Rash-e-Jannat’, which means the dwelling of happiness and the envy of the Heaven. The palace was commissioned by none other than Hyder Ali while completed by his successor, Tipu Sultan himself. The palace is quite close to the fort. To allow visitors to know more about the great Tipu Sultan, the palace was converted into museum. The museum takes visitors through the life of the emperor.
Tipu Sultan Palace Bangalore

3. Aquarium Bangalore:

Home to multitude of marine species, Aquarium Bangalore is located at the entry of Cubbon Park. This octagonal shaped building is the second biggest aquarium of the country. Brimming with varied species of exotic fish as well as indigenous ones, the aquarium was inaugurated in the year 1983. All the three floors of Aquarium have plentiful ornamental fish breeds on the display. The bigger cultivable varieties of fish are on display in 14 large tanks, allowing visitors to closely observe the multicoloured species of fish. Among the renowned ones, there are freshwater prawns, angel fish, glow-light tetra, Siamese & Indian tiger-barb, red-tail shark, etc. In addition, there are catla, blue gourami, mahseer, and goldfish as well.

Aquarium Bangalore Cubbon Park

4. Brigade Road
One of the best places to shop, Brigade Road is full of shops, both local and global brands. Situated at the meeting point of MG Road and the Residency Road, Brigade Road is renowned for St. Patrick’s Church, the Catholic Club, etc. Among the most frequented destinations are Eva Mall and the Patrick’s Shopping Complex. Tourists make a point to visit Vellara Hotel, Brigade Towers as well as the Toy Store.
Brigade Road Bangalore

5. Cubbon Park
One of the most important places to see in Bangalore, Cubbon Park is renowned for historical testaments, cultural institutions and government buildings. The symmetrical shaped park is spread over an area of 334 acres. Adorned with countless flowers, floral species, shaded groves, trees, the landscape of the park looks beautiful and graceful. The foundation of Cubbon Park was laid down by Richard Sankey in 1864, while it was named in the honour of Cubbon, Engineer Commissioner. The statue of Queen Victoria adorns the park. Right in the centre of Cubbon Park is the Memorial of Seshadari Iyer housing the Public Library. The park is home to almost 6000 species of plants as well as trees.

Cubban Park Bangalore

6. Bannerghatta National Park
Nature lovers make a point to visit Bannerghatta National Park on their trip to Bangalore. Spread over 104 square kilometres, the park is located around 21 km outside the city. Inaugurated during the year 1971, the park is home to different species of animals including crocodiles, tigers, lions, etc.  Tourists prefer safari trips for exploring the huge park. The park is a natural habitat to elephants, leopards, jackals, foxes, gaurs, wild pigs, sambar, barking deer, sloth bears, spotted deer, hare, etc. The park is brimming with both fauna and flora. The snake farm in the park is very popular among the visitors. During their tour, the visitors can see the 20 different species of butterflies too.

Bannerghatta National Park Entrance
Bannerghatta national park lion

7. Vidhana Soudha
Karnataka’s legislature seat, Vidhana Soudha is a beautiful building. Commissioned during the year 1952, the infrastructure was complete in the year 1956. The astounding architecture is a wonderful blend of Neo-Dravidian, Dravidian and Indo-Saracenic artwork. Comprising carved pillars, pediments, arches, cornices, and bases, the building is 46 metres tall, spreading over remarkable 245000 square foot.  The building has total 4 floors, where one of them is in the basement. The respected Indian National Emblem has been carved on the central dome, the diameter of which is 60 feet. The building wears a festive look on public holidays and even on Sunday.

8. Bangalore Palace
Among the places to visit in Bangalore, the Bangalore Palace is a must-see. This historical monument is modelled on the Windsor Castle and was built in the year 1887. Spread over an area of 147466 square foot, the palace depicts the Tudor style architecture. The structure of the building is adorned with wooden carvings, lawns, gardens, parapets, and towers. During the rule of the king, the ballroom in the palace used to host private parties or assemblies. Tourists can see thousands of paintings and pictures of famous personalities. The dining table belonging to royal rulers is the center of attraction. Other attractions are Gothic windows, turrets, and battlements.

9. Innovative Film City
The Film City is one of the must visit sightseeing destinations of the city. Replete with contemporary entertainment options and leisure spots, Innovative Film City is situated on the outskirts of the city. Sprawling over 58 acres, tourists find the place very exciting with countless options for amusement. Opened for the public in 2008, the place is divided into three parts viz. Innovative Style, Innovative Studio and Innovative Attractions, comprising amusement centre, museums, and various attractions, options for shopping, lifestyle, leisure and dining, studio facilities and academy for film makers. Tourists love the Jurassic Fossil Museum, Dinosaur World, haunted mansion, 4D games, movies, etc.

Bangalore Film City

10.  Ulsoor Lake
One of the very beautiful places to see in Bangalore, Ulsoor Lake is located on the north eastern end here. Built on the lines of Dravidian style of Architecture, the lake was commissioned during the second century by none other than Kempe Gowda II. At that time, the lake was referred as Halsur. Spread over 1.5 square kilometres, the lake is surrounded by many islands. Tourists indulge in boating and many other activities here. People can even enjoy the fun-filled cruise while stopping over at different islands. The area around the lake spots the recreational complex replete with swimming pool. Even the biggest Sikh shrine of Bangalore is near the lake. Kensington Park and temple devoted to Subbaraya are in the vicinity. The place is brimming with tourists and locals throughout the year.

Ulsoor Lake

11.  Jumma Masjid
The oldest mosque of Bangalore, Jumma Masjid was earlier known as Sangian Jamia Masjid. Prayer Hall of the mosque is constructed on the elevated ground, standing on ornate pillars of granite. The mosque wears a festive look complete with beautiful lights, flowers and other decorations, which enliven it. Believed to be established around the year 1790, the mosque was built by Mughal Killedar. Famous for its remarkable facade, the mosque has twin beautifully ornamented minarets ending in spherical domes. Interestingly, the mosque is dedicated to Emperor Tipu Sultan and hosts prayer sessions on the event of his death anniversary.

12. Bangalore Turf Club
For the horse lovers, the city has Bangalore Turf club hosting interesting horse races. Among the finest thoroughbreds of the world, the Race Course hosts racing events almost throughout the year. The months of May, June and the period between the months of November to March are quite busy. The unique entertainment destination, the club has good crowd cheering for race horses and placing big bets.

13.  Bugle Rock
One of the most visited places to see in Bangalore, the Bugle Rock is situated in southern part of the city in Basavanagudi. Recognised as Peninsular Gneiss, the massive rock form is believed to be around 3000 million years ancient. Lord Kempe Gowda II, the feudal lord, had a tower built on the Bugle Rock in order to watch over his empire. The Rock is situated near the famous Bull Temple. The hollow places in the rock were earlier used for illuminating lamps. Spread over a vast area of 16 acres, it even comprises a mini park complete with fountains and waterfall. The highlight of the place is the adorned entrance replete with carvings, murals and rock pillars.

14. Wonder La
The famous amusement park of Bangalore, Wonder La comprises dry rides as well as wet rides. One will find the place brimming with locals and tourists all round the year. A favourite among all the age groups, the park includes High Sky Wheel Building (80 metres). While the kids and teenagers have fun in the countless rides, the elder can laze around inside air boats on the water pool. Among different rides, there is Drop Zone, wooden water chutes, different pipes, the hurricane, laser shows, etc.

15. St. Mary’s Basilica
The Gothic church is engineering by a French Architect. Formed as a Cross, the Facade of the Basilica is 172 feet tall and 50 feet wide. Vaulted towers and the arches in the Church are adorned in the Gothic Style. Mother Mary’s beautiful idol within the premise holds child Jesus. The 6 feet tall attractive shrine outside the church inspires the people who visit this one of the must visit places in Bangalore. The oldest church in the city, St. Mary’s Basilica became the 6th one in 1973.

16. Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium
Replete with interesting astronomical facts, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium is a must visit for people who visit Bangalore. Visitors like knowing about stars and planets, the information on which is presented in the Planetarium in various ways. Founded by Bangalore City Corporation in 1989, the objective of the Planetarium is to disseminate knowledge on the solar system. With a seating capacity of around 210 people, the place hosts shows enabling people to see the night sky, constellations, etc. The Science Park in the planetarium is a favourite among the tourists.

17. Venkatappa Art Gallery
Exhibiting 600 paintings, the gallery is a delight among the art lovers. While one part is devoted to stone sculptures that belong to Khajarao as well as Mathura school of art, the other part of the gallery exhibits pottery along with clay articles belonging to ancient Indus Valley civilisation. In addition, the gallery displays landscape paintings of the 20th century. The favourite among the tourists are painting by the famous artist, K. Venkatappa, panoramic view of Church Hill, Ooty Lake, Kodaikanal, Nilgiri Mountains, etc.

18. Attara Kacheri
The High Court of Karnataka was built during the rule of Emperor Tipu Sultan. Previously a public office, it was renamed Attara Kacheri, which stands for eighteen departments. This two storied structure is build using red bricks in the neo classical style of architecture, Greco Roman. The building is situated inside the Cubbon Park and is embellished with portrait of Sir Mark Cubbon, the respected Commissioner of Mysore from 1834 to 1861. The building represents Gothic architecture and comprises Public Library, Visveswaraya Industrial & Technological Museum, Venkatappa Art Gallery and various other renowned structures as well.

19. Lumbini Gardens
Located on the banks of Nagawara Lake, the Lumbini Gardens are among the most popular places to visit in Bangalore. Offering numerous entertainment options and activities for visitors, the place is renowned as eco friendly boating park. Spread over around 1.5 kilometres, the park is home to rose nursery complete with various types of flowers, aromatic plants and herbs as well. Tourists and locals prefer to stroll around the lake that boasts of beautiful landscaping. People love to indulge in pedal boating, kiddy rides, pleasure boating, Spanish Bull Rides as well as the Trampoline jumping.

20. Bull Temple
The oldest temple of Bangalore, Bull Temple is devoted to Nandi, Lord Shiva’s wagon. The place has religious significance and thus, has become a revered place of worship. Located on a mountain, the Bull Temple was constructed during the 16th century during Vijayanagara Rule. Relatively smaller, the temple is home to one of the biggest Nandi sculptures, not only in India but around the world as well. The monolithic statue is carved from granite and reflects the Dravidian style of artwork.

21. Bangalore Fort
Built by the feudal lord, Kempe Gowda II in 1537, the Bangalore Fort was expanded by his successor, the Emperor Tipu Sultan. The fort is safeguarded by thick walls. One can view the marks of damages that were inflicted by the army of Lord Cornwallis in order to capture the fort. Visitors make a point to visit the Lord Ganesha Temple along the fort walls, build during the 16th century.

22. National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA)
Situated in the famous heritage premise of Manikyavelu Mansion, the NGMA is more than 90 years old. Sprawling over 3.5 acres, the historical heritage mansion came to be converted into the present museum gallery from the residency. The Gallery displays National Treasure spanning over the period from the late eighteenth century to present. Visitors are surprised to see old ganjifa cards, paintings of various renowned painters, miniature paintings, etc. The Gallery displays the work of art of artists from all around the country.

23. Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple
One of the oldest religious places to visit in Bangalore, the temple is believed to be cut out of rock in the ninth century. The cave temple is carved out of natural giant rock formation. Devoted to Hindu God Lord Shiva, it comprises 4 monolithic pillars along with an exceptional idol of the God of Fire, Agni. The other idols include that of Agnimurthi with 2 heads, 7 hands and 3 legs.

24. ISKCON Temple
Dedicated to Hindu Deities, Sri Radha Krishna, the temple features the gold plated Dwaja-stambha, a 17 metres tall flag-post along with 8.5 metres Kalash Shikhara (gold plated). Located in the northern region of Bangalore, the temple is maintained by the ISKCON society. The temple hosts various spiritual, cultural and educational activities throughout the year for the devotees.

25. HAL Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum
Second Largest Public Aerospace Museum of India, the place was established by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) in the year 2001. The museum displays the achievement of the HAL and its rich history through the years. Visitors can get a glimpse of model aircrafts, communication as well as navigation equipments, and numerous other related items. In addition, there are photographs of these since 1940s. The museum even houses ten aircrafts, two mock-ups along with model Air Traffic Controller tower.

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